Make Your Williamsville Drapes Work with Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are beautiful additions to your home. The natural material helps to avoid allergens, while creating a breathable and humid-friendly space. However, they certainly have their downsides and you may want to add drapes in Williamsville to add more to the décor. Here are the top XX ways to make drapes and bamboo shades work together.

Stick with Neutral Colors

One of the benefits of drapes is that they suit all decors and styles. You can pick almost any color in a range of material thicknesses. But you want to work with the bamboo shades, so everything looks natural and beautiful. This means sticking with neutral colors.

White Williamsville drapes look gorgeous with bamboo shades. The slight color difference will help the natural material stand out from the windows. You can also create a buffer from the wall paint, further helping the shades to stand out.

Another option is to work with beiges and browns. You can work with the same color or slightly darker, giving the appearance of the natural habitat for the bamboo. If you really want something slightly different, opt for light yellows for the look of sunshine.

Work with Thinner Material

Keep your drapes in Williamsville light. You may even want to consider working with linen curtains instead of drapes, creating a more decorative feature. The idea of bamboo is to let a little more light through during the day. The natural material will help to make you feel happier and healthier, so you want the thinner material of the drapes to help continue that feeling.

If you’re worried about UV damage, you can get good but thing drape liners. They will off that needed protective layer, without getting rid of the lighter feeling.

This is also why you want to choose lighter natural colors. Whites and beiges will help to continue the brighter feeling.

Keep the Patterns to a Minimum

The focus needs to be on the drapes in Williamsville as little as possible. This means focusing more on block colors, so the bamboo shades stand out more. Adding lots of patterns will distract and make the windows look messy and busy.

Bamboo helps to create a more relaxing atmosphere. You feel like you’re in nature, so you don’t want to distract from that too much. If you really need a pattern, work with floral patterns on your drapes. Find those with bamboo trees and vines working their way up the drapes to match the material of your shades.

You can also remove the drapes at certain times of the year. During the summer, stick to just the shades, while in the winter you can add the drapes for a little extra heat.

Bamboo shades and drapes can work beautifully together. They both help to make each other stand out, drawing attention to the light and nature outside the window. However, you want to use the right materials together. Keep your Williamsville drapes light and basic and you’ll keep the focus on the beautiful bamboo shades.