How to Fix Your Broken Roman Shades in Williamsville Yourself

Williamsville roman shades shouldn’t ever break or bunch up, but that doesn’t mean they never do. There are times that they pull down on one side quicker than the other or when the dowels break. The cords can break or become knotted or loose stitching can form. Before removing the shades and buying new ones, it’s worth looking at fixing them. Here are all the steps you need before you buy new roman shades.

#1. Assess the Shades

Don’t remove the shades just yet. Start by getting a stepladder (for your own safety) and checking on them in their current place. You can look at each dowel and check on all the cords. Pull on the cords to see if you can figure out where the shades are pulling and where they need fixing.

Look out for any missing screws or loose stitches. Also, take a look for knotted and tangled cords even on the side that doesn’t seem to be pulling or causing a problem.

#2. Realign on the Window If You Can

Before removing your roman shades in Williamsville, try fixing the problem at the window if you can. This is likely if the cords have become knotted or tangled. You can usually work them back the way they knotted, which will help save time and hassle rather than removing your shades.

You can also usually replace broken dowels while the shades are in place. They can often just be pulled out and replaced with a new dowel. This is also the way to fix missing dowels. Of course, you’ll need to hand-stitch the ends of your roman shades, so you’ll need to make sure you’re confident in doing this for the full repair.

Once you have the shades unknotted, you can then test instantly. This will help make sure you’ve fixed the problem. If you see other issues, take the same steps before you taken them down for further repairs.

#3. Remove to Fix Other Damage

There are certain elements of damage that can’t be fixed from the window. Once you’re certain of this, you can then remove the Williamsville roman shades and assess the damage in full. This is where you’ll need to decide whether the shades are fixable or whether you need to replace them.

If you’re just missing loops or the cords have snapped, you can usually make the small repairs. The same applies to loose stitching.

When you do pull the roman shades down, you’ll likely have a bit of Velcro from where they sit on the window. Fold the Velcro back to prevent dust and dirt clinging to it. This will also help to protect other fabric near the shades.

Once you’ve made the fixes, you can then place your roman shades in Williamsville back on your windows. The fixes shouldn’t take too long to make. If you can’t fix the problem, you’ll need to look at replacing, but don’t just throw out the blinds. The material can be used for all types of craft projects.