Do White Curtains in Wheatfield Look Good?

When you come to buy Wheatfield curtains, you’ll look into your color choices. You know that blackout blinds can be useful and curtains allow you to add your own personality and taste to a room, but what about when you want a light and airy feeling? Can white curtains look good?

While the simple answer is yes, there are considerations you need to make. Here are some top tips to make sure your white curtains in Wheatfield look good.

They Need to Be Kept Clean

White will initially look good. It’s clean, crisp, and certainly airy. The problem is the color is very easy to stain. You’ll also find that it darkens with time, especially if you’re in a room with a lot of smoke or you have pets or children. White just seems to pick up every little bit of dirt and show it off.

If you want to make your curtains look good, you’ll need to keep them clean. This can mean regular washing, but this can also cause a problem. White tends to turn grey over time and you will notice this in your home. Sometimes cream or beige can work out better.

White Curtains and White Walls Look Clinical

Think about the coloring of the walls. If you have white walls, you will want to think carefully about the color of your curtains in Wheatfield. White isn’t going to be the best choice. You get a clinical feel and look, which can leave you feeling like you’re in a hospital. You’ll find it much harder to relax in your own home.

If you have white walls, beige or colored curtains will look better. When your walls are a different color, white can certainly look good. The contrast will help the curtains to stand out and draw attention to the airy feeling.

You May Need a Blind

White curtains can be thin and allow light into the home. If you live in an area that has light evenings throughout the year or you have a street light outside your home, you’ll want to think about this issue. Do you really want to see some light through your window all the time?

You’ll want to consider another window covering. A blind or net curtain is often the best option to work with your white Wheatfield curtains. You’ll need to make sure your blind matches the décor and offers the feeling you want to create with the curtains. You’ll also need to make sure the blind and curtains match, otherwise the curtains will look out of place.

It Depends on Other Factors in the Room

While white curtains give an airy feeling, they can work against the current décor. You’ll need to consider rugs, furniture, and artwork around the room before you buy white curtains. Will everything work together or do you create two styles trying to mesh together? Forcing curtains to work with other décor styles will make your curtains look like an eyesore.

Before you buy white curtains in Wheatfield, think about the rest of your home. On their own, white curtains look good, but will they match your décor? And will they remain full of life and style throughout the years?