Cordless vs. Corded Roller Shades in North Tonawanda: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?

Do you need cordless or corded North Tonawanda roller shades? Is there really one option better than the other? These are questions that many people ask. Corded shades were so popular in the past and many don’t understand why cordless options are growing in popularity now. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both.

Corded Options Do Tend to Be Easier to Use

While cordless options are easy to use, corded roller shades in North Tonawanda tend to be easier. You just have to pull on a cord and you get the shade to move up and down. Many people can even do this with one hand, meaning they can quickly pull the shade down while they’re in the middle of something.

When working with cordless shades, there’s the need to pull on the actual shade. People worry that this will break the mechanism, even though they know it won’t. There is also the need to secure the shade once pulled down. Many find that they don’t quite get it right at first and the shade pops back up, risking injury.

Corded Options for All Heights

With a corded blind, you can have longer cords to make sure you can always reach. The shades can be placed on higher windows, blocking all light effectively and easily. There’s no need to constantly climb ladders to close your blinds.

With cordless options, the blinds will need to be in reach. This can prevent younger people in the home using the blinds when necessary or they need to use ladders, which could be dangerous.

Cordless Helps to Keep the Family Safe

There is no denying that cordless roller shades in North Tonawanda are the safest options in the home. There have been plenty of horror stories about cords accidentally wrapping around children’s necks. Parents don’t realize, sometimes until it’s too late. While corded options may be easier, there is nothing more important than keeping your family safe.

You can keep the cords out of the way. However, these methods haven’t proven to be completely foolproof just yet. Many companies are taking all corded options off the shelves to help protect families.

There Are Motorized Options

Some of the cordless options are motorized. Getting motorized North Tonawanda roller shades will solve a lot of problems. There is the opportunity to use a remote control, so you don’t have to get up and close every blind in the house. It’s possible to cover all windows at the same time, even in rooms that you’re not currently present in.

There may be a problem if the electricity or batteries go. However, most motorized options will have a backup available to protect your safety and privacy.

Are you still trying to decide between corded and cordless roller shades in North Tonawanda? It really depends on what you value the most and the people who are in your home. If you don’t have children, the ease of use may be a higher priority, since adults know how to keep themselves safe!