4 Tips to Extend Your Curtain Life

Getting Amherst curtains is a popular idea for many. They’re affordable, easy to install, and simple to use. But they do come with a shelf life. Due to the location of the curtains, they suffer from sun damage and sun rot, so you need to find ways to protect them. It’s time to extend the life of curtains in Amherst with these top four tips.

Properly Maintain Them

Start by maintaining your curtains properly. Learn all the best tips to wash, dry, and clean them. This will involve using the soft brush extension on your vacuum cleaner for the dust and to follow washing instructions on the label.

If your curtains have a lining that’s not washing machine friendly, when you’ll need to opt for hand washing or dry cleaning. Putting the curtains in the washing machine anyway will just damage the material and break it down quicker than normal.

Protect from Some Sun Damage

It’s not going to be easy, but you do want to protect your curtains from some sun damage. This will mean not always using them to cover your windows and block out the sun. Wait, isn’t that what curtains in Amherst are for?

Well, not quite! Curtains are mostly decoration. You’ll want to invest in net covers or some small blinds to help protect the curtains from sun damage. These can also help to keep the light coming through but offer some privacy from the outside.

Also look into liners for your curtains. They will help to reflect the sun, rather than absorb it. The material doesn’t disintegrate from the UV rays.

Avoid Odors in the Room

Your curtains will collect odors. This will mean that they need washing more frequently. Try to avoid as many odors in your room as possible, by keeping windows and vents open as much as possible. Some odors will have chemicals and toxins in them that will also degrade the materials, so avoid them (even good smells).

You’ll also want to protect from dampness. If your windows aren’t well insulated, invest in getting that fixed. Not only will you help extend the life of your Amherst curtains, but you will help to keep your heating bills to a minimum.

Change Throughout the Year

Why not have two sets of curtains in your home? You can have a set that are light for the summer months and something cozier for the winter. This will mean your curtains only suffer from sun damage during six months of the year!

When you are storing your other set of curtains, make sure you put them in vacuumed bags. This helps to prevent damage from particles in the air and will prevent dust gathering on them. You will likely just need to give your curtains a quick shake when pulling them out of the bag and possibly an iron and they will be ready to hang.

It’s time to increase the length of time your curtains in Amherst will last. Opt for the above tips and you will get your money’s worth for these affordable window coverings.