3 Williamsville Shutters Myths Exposed

There are so many myths about using shutters in Williamsville in your home. They can be absolutely beautiful options, but many people avoid them because of the myths. Interior shutters help to add to décor, while offering a range of other lighting benefits.

It’s time to expose the myths. These three myths you need to stop believing, as they prevent you from using shutters for absolutely no reason.

They’re Only for Southern Homes

Plantation shutters are extremely popular, but there’s this belief that they’re only for homes in the South. This certainly isn’t the case.

While plantation shutters were traditionally used for southern homes, more and more northern locations are taking advantage of them. They just take their name from the style of homes they were traditionally hung on. However, shutters were also traditionally hung outside the home, but they are now popular indoor treatments.

It really doesn’t matter where you live. If you want the beautiful Williamsville shutters, get them installed in your home. It’s your tastes that really matter.

Shutters Are Just Expensive Blinds

Shutters will cost you more than blinds, but that’s because they’re far more beneficial. While their duties are very similar, their effectiveness is better. For example, both shutters and blinds will control the levels of light, but shutters have much more control. You can manage the direction of the light rather than block out all light coming into your home.

One of the biggest benefits of shutters in Williamsville is the heating benefits. While blinds can block some heat leaving your home, the benefits aren’t on a grand scale. Shutters can actually reduce your heating costs by 30%!

It’s also worth remembering the cost benefits over time. While shutters will cost extra money in the beginning, they’re designed as permanent fixtures that last at least 20 years. Blinds are designed for about three years, so you’ll spend more money replacing them regularly.

You’ll also get shutters for different types of windows. Those curved attic windows can be covered beautifully with custom made shutters. You can’t get blinds that will do that!

Your Home Will Be Plunged Into Darkness

When you think of shutters, you may initially think of the full wood coverings. While you can certainly get them, there are so many other types of Williamsville shutters to consider. You can buy plantation shutters, café shutters, and so much more. It’s important to consider your full needs before buying.

One thing is for certain, your shutters will not plunge your whole home into darkness. You can use the louvers in plantation shutters to control the levels of light coming through the shutters. Café shutters don’t actually take up the whole window space, reducing glare at your seated level but allowing light to shine through at the top.

However, many shutters do have the ability to plunge your home into darkness if you want. It’s possible to close the louvers completely, blocking all light and adding far more privacy to your home. The shutters will also cover the whole window, blocking all light shining out if you want.

Don’t believe everything you’re told about shutters in Williamsville. They can be the most beautiful and effective options for each window in your home. When you’re looking into your options, determine the facts from the myths to make a fully informed decision into your options.