3 Tips for Choosing Colors for Your Exterior Shutters in Clarence

You’ve decided to get exterior shutters for your home. They certainly look beautiful and add plenty of style and character. One of the biggest reasons for people to get them is the value they can add to the home. But to add this value, the Clarence shutters need to work with the home style. This means thinking carefully about the colors you choose.

Here’s a look at the top three tips for choosing colors for your exterior shutters in Clarence. You don’t just have to opt for plain, varnished wood.

Match the Period of Your Home

Work with the style of home. If you have a rustic cottage, you’ll want to continue that style with the shutters. Not only would you buy shutters that work with the style of window, but you’ll more likely find that a neutral tone will help to continue the look.

Varnish wood can look beautiful. The downside is that it can also look weathered much quicker. If that’s the style you want to work with, great, but you will need to make sure the shutters look maintained and cared for if you want the added financial value.

Likewise, if you have a period style home, you’ll need to consider plantation shutters. However, the colors will depend on other factors.

Work with the Vinyl Coloring

Chances are you already have a vinyl weather protector around your home. Use this to determine the color of your Clarence shutters. You want the shutters to stand out a little.

If you have white vinyl, consider a complementary color to work with it. What color have you chosen for the wood around your porch or for the windowsill? What color is your guttering or the door frame? Work with these colors to blend everything together.

When you have a different color for your vinyl, consider white, creams, or blacks for the shutters. These are basic colors that blend well with any other color.

Consider Your Family Colors

Maybe you have a family color. You may have a tartan for your Scottish heritage or a block color that people think about when they consider your home country. Work those colors into your shutters in Clarence. Not only do you add character to your home, but you also add your heritage in there.

The downside to this is people buying will see there is work to do. They’ll need to change the colors to suit their own needs and this can take away some of the value.

However, it will depend on the styling. You could opt for Scandinavian shutters with beautiful tribal patterns. They tend to be less focused on family heritage and more on the beauty of the shutters.

There is more than just choosing a color to compliment the rest of your house. When painting your exterior shutters in Clarence, you’ll need to think of how to bring a piece of who you are to the designs. Add your own unique style, so you look at your home fondly whenever you drive up the road.