What’s Your Window Covering Style for Your Hicksville Home?

There are many different types of window coverings for your home. Do you need curtains, shades, or even draperies in Hicksville? Each type has its own pros and cons. Here’s a look at your needs to help you determine the right type of covering for you.

When You Want to Add Elegance to Your Home

If you want to create an elegant space, you need to consider Hicksville draperies and curtains. Drapes tend to be the best option, as they are full length and designed to be permanent. You create a space that draws attention as soon as someone walks into the room.

Draperies in Hicksville are affordable now, unlike in the years before. They’re made of quality fabric and offer far more benefits than the elegant way of keeping the light out.

When You Want to Cut Down on Heating Costs

Draperies and curtains also offer the benefit of keeping the heating costs in your home down. Plantation shutters can also offer similar benefits, but they are placed on the outside of the home and tend to cost more.

Draperies in Hicksville are thick. They help to offer a barrier for the air in the home, so it can’t escape through the window. This keeps your home warmer throughout the winter, without the constant need for the heating to be on.

The benefits work the other way around, too! You can keep the costs of air conditioning down. The drapes will keep the heat of the sun out of your home, keeping your room cooler.

When You Need Ease of Maintenance

One of the downsides of Hicksville draperies is the maintenance. The drapes are designed to remain in place, which can be a problem if they become dirty or stained (a problem with kids and pets). They can also sometimes be trickier to place on the windows, as you need to reach above the window.

Blinds and some curtains can be easier. They are made of material that doesn’t stain easily and will wipe clean with a damp cloth. There’s no need to worry about removing them at some point, except when you move.

When You Want UV Protection

UV rot is a major issue for the home. All window coverings offer the benefit of protection against UV rot, but some are better than others. Wooden blinds warp with the heat and draperies in Hicksville can succumb to sun rot themselves due to absorbing the UV rays. Light fabric or metal blinds and curtains tend to be the better options for your home.

Plantation shutters can also be beneficial. You will need to be aware of the costs though and the fact that they are designed for permanence. If you want something a little less permanent, opt for indoor shutters.

When You Want Privacy in Your Home

All window coverings offer privacy, but some are better than others. Shutters can prevent thieves even attempting to break into your home. Draperies in Hicksville tend to be thicker, creating a blackout effect quickly and easily. Nobody will know if you’re in, out, up, or asleep. They’re not going to bother risking the chance of you catching them.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve from your window coverings. You’ll find the right one for you, whether it’s shutters, curtains, blinds, or draperies in Hicksville.