Venetian Blinds in Syosset: The Perfect Option for Odd-Shaped Windows

Do you have windows that are odd shapes? You may have an oval attic window or a curved bay window. Trying to find the perfect treatment or cover for these shapes can be difficult. There’s either an option that doesn’t quite look right or one that is custom made and expensive. Syosset venetian blinds could be just the option you need and here’s why.

Inexpensive to Custom Make

You could opt for shutters, but you’ll end up spending a fortune on custom making these treatments. After all, they’re designed to be permanent fixtures to your home. But how do you know you’ll still be in the same place in 10 years time? Venetian blinds offer a cheaper option to add custom made blinds to the odd-shaped windows.

It’s possible to get oval, triangular, circular and other shapes. The blinds fit perfectly within the smaller, weirder shapes and look timeless and effortless.

They Fit with the Period

Most odd-shaped windows are in period homes. This was the time that people wanted smaller windows or wanted to stand out in some way. So, you need blinds that will suit the period features.

Venetian blinds in Syosset come in a variety of colors, materials and styles. You’re certain to find something that will fit the period of your home. Rather than given an odd appearance in the home, the blinds will work with period features around the window frame, matching the décor effortlessly. You’ll have comments about how beautiful your windows are dressed instead of questions about why you chose a particular color or style.

Mini Venetian Blinds Are Accessible

One of the big benefits is the addition of mini blinds. These are beautiful and look just like their larger counterparts, but they fit smaller spaces. They’re designed specifically for narrower windows and doors. And they end up being cheaper than your traditional Syosset venetian blinds, helping you to stick to your budget.

Mini blinds are often added to bay windows. They help to work with the curve in the bay, rather than using something that sticks out and looks odd. You can use multiple mini blinds within one window to work effortlessly with the wood work.

You Continue to Get Extra Light Control

Just because you want to dress your odd-shaped windows doesn’t mean you want to get rid of all the light. Venetian blinds in Syosset offer the opportunity to gain more light control. You can use the slats to allow some light in without the glare in your face. You continue to protect the home from the UV rays without plunging it into darkness.

Some of the other custom made blinds cause the problem of darkness. This is more the case with cellular blinds, which are popular odd-shaped window treatments.

It’s time to consider all your options to dress your windows. The odd-shaped windows look beautiful with Syosset venetian blinds. Now is the time to invest in them, whether for the attic, bay window or more.