The Ultimate Guide to Using Roller Shades in Jericho Homes

There are just so many window treatments available and it’s sometimes difficult to choose between them all. Jericho roller shades are one of the most popular options, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for your needs. If you have decided they’re right due to the low cost, you need to make sure you use them just right in your home. Here’s your ultimate guide to help.

Think About the Colors to Match With

There are two main options for your color scheme. You can work with the color of the walls and blend in or you can make your blinds stand out. The latter will involve picking a color from the décor in the room. While it can help to bring more personality to the home, if you change the room décor you will need to change the blind colors.

Working with the walls can be a little boring. One option is to match the colors but add a small pattern in one individual color. Try black and white, as the colors work with absolutely any other color you could add to the room.

Consider the Thickness of the Blinds

Before choosing any roller shades in Jericho, think about the thickness of the material. You don’t need to get dark colored blinds to create a blackout effect in the room. Thick blinds will offer the same benefits, while matching the décor in the room.

Likewise, you don’t just need to choose light colors to allow some daylight in through the day. Thinner blinds will still let light through, blocking out just the glare and protecting against UV damage. You can practically use the blinds in the day, match the décor, and keep the energy bills to a minimum.

Think About Cutting the Cords

You will find plenty of corded roller shades in Jericho. That doesn’t’ mean you have to use them in your home. There are also many companies creating safer cordless options. Going cordless will help to protect your family. Children don’t understand the dangers of cords, and can put their head through and become trapped.

Even if you don’t add cordless roller blinds for all rooms, opt for them in children’s rooms. This will help to avoid the risk of the cords falling and accidents happening when you’re nowhere near to help.

Think About the Material Damage

Jericho roller shades will suffer from UV damage. This is natural considering the placement of the blinds. You will want to make sure the shades are made of material that’s durable against damage. The last thing you want is for the material to crumble away after a few years. Silk and satin tend to be the worst for UV damage.

It’s not just about the type of material, but also the color. Darker colors will absorb more of the rays, which makes them more susceptible to damage. If you really want to avoid UV damage, opt for lighter materials with durable material.

Are you ready to add Jericho roller shades to your home? Consider the guide above to get the perfect options for your specific rooms in your home. Not only will you match décor, but save money on replacing your blinds earlier than you wish.