How to Use Curtains in Syosset to Create a Princess Bedroom

Many young girls dream of being a princess. You can help add to that dream by creating a princess bedroom. This is more than just hanging posters of their favorite Disney princesses. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive fabrics and furniture. Here are the steps you need to use Syosset curtains to create a princess bedroom.

Use Net Curtains for the Bed

All princesses will have four-poster beds with curtains around to protect privacy. You can use an idea of these types of beds to create something for your daughter. You just need a set of curtains made of net or another sheer material. You’re not getting rid of all sight to the bedroom and the sheer material is still breathable.

The way you hang the curtains will depend on the type of bed frame your daughter has. If it’s a four-poster bed, you can hang the curtains along the top. Chances are you don’t have that. Instead, hand a hook with a hoop from the ceiling. The curtains in Syosset can then hang from the hook and around the hoop. The curtains will cascade outwards to cover the bed.

Work with Sheer Curtains Around the Window

Princess bedrooms are light and airy, so you want to make sure you use the right curtains around the windows. Look for light fabrics with some sheerness to them. While you’re not going to block out all the light, you will offer some beauty around the windows. You can even use the same material as the curtains for the bed.

To get the darkness on a night, opt for some light-colored blinds or shutters. The light colors will help to keep the brightness to the home, but also help to create that crisp and magical appearance. Shutters tend to be the most valuable for the home and you can even opt for barn shutters with a crown cut-out at the top to keep the princess theme alive.

Use Glitter Rope to Tie

The curtains will need tying out of the way. This is the case for both Syosset curtain around the window and those hanging over the bed. You’ll want to get the perfect material to tie the curtains up.

Princesses love glitter. Whether your daughter prefers pink, gold, silver or even purple, get a glitter tie in their favorite color. You don’t need to connect the ties to the wall. Pull the curtains around the window to either side and place the tie about two thirds of the way down the curtains. For the one above the window, you can either tie and place to one side or tie up towards the hoop.

The princess bedroom is made complete with curtains in Syosset. It’s time to make your daughter happy without breaking the budget. It’s amazing what sheer curtains and glittery ties can offer for a child’s bedroom.