How to Repurpose Your Old Drapes in Oyster Bay

Just because your Oyster Bay drapes no longer look good on your windows or suit your room’s décor doesn’t mean they belong in the trash. The material can be repurposed for other uses and ideas. It’s time to get creative with these top ways to repurpose your old drapes.

Make Cushion and Chair Covers

Start by cutting the drapes down to size to work for cushion or chair covers. Cushions tend to be the best, especially the smaller ones. You can move them around to different rooms to make sure they work with the décor. The cushions also allow you to cut out the seconds of the drapes that no longer look good.

It’s also possible to combine multiple drapes in Oyster Bay for this project. If you have a few that suit together, sew them together for chairs.

Make a Throw or Tablecloth

Depending on the material of your drapes, a tablecloth or throw for the bed or couch could be perfect. You can take multiple drapes from your home and cut them into patches, creating a patchwork throw that brings the memories of decades past. This is also a fun project to do with the kids, as you let them create their own patchwork design and then sew it all up for them—older kids may even be able to use the sewing machine.

Make a small tablecloth for the tables by the door or for the coffee table. You’ll have something to protect the table tops from damage. If you don’t have enough material for the whole dining table, consider a runner for the middle instead.

Make a Tent

How about getting with the kids for another project, one purposely for them? It’s time to give them their space to play in by creating an indoor tent with your old Oyster Bay drapes. The best thing about this project is the drapes don’t even have to match! The kids will just love having a space for their books; somewhere to hide throughout the day and a place to call their own.

You can add a waterproof layer around the outside of the draped tent if you want. This is a good way of creating outdoor shade for the kids to play in.

Make a Beautiful Photo Frame

Sometimes you only have a little material to work with because of UV damage to the Oyster Bay drapes. Use the material for photo frames instead of large projects. You can just take strips to wrap around the metal or wooden frames, making them look brighter and helping them work with your décor better. This can also help to turn normal photo frames into beautiful cork boards if you want a vision board or modern-styled photo board.

Don’t just throw your drapes in Oyster Bay away. Make use of them by turning them into art projects. Whether you do them yourself or with the kids, you’ll have hours of fun and new items for the home.