5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Blinds in Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay blinds are one of the most popular forms of window coverings in homes. They’re cheap, simple, and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. Before you pick any type of blind, make sure you know all about the benefits they offer. You’ll need to know about the downsides and the tricks to get the most out of your window treatments. Here are five things everyone needs to know about blinds of any type.

It’s Not a Case of One Size Fits All

While curtains and drapes can fit the majority of window sizes, blinds don’t work in the same way. You’ll need to make sure you measure your windows. However, it’s not just good enough to measure the width. Make sure you measure the length and determine whether the blinds in Oyster Bay will go in or outside the window frame. Where the blinds are placed will affect the length and width considerably!

They Come in Different Materials

Blinds come in different styles. You’ll know that already. After all, you’ve likely already come across vertical slat blinds, Venetian blinds, and many even Persian blinds. What you may have overlooked is that blinds come in a variety of different materials. They have their own pros and cons. Wooden blinds may look the best, but they can be the least beneficial when it comes to handling the heat coming through your windows. Faux wood and vinyl Oyster Bay blinds tend to be the best options.

They’re Worth Investing In

There’s truth in the saying “you get what you pay for” when it comes to window treatments. While cheaper treatments will certainly look fine, they’re not going to look the best. Nor are they going to offer you the best benefits. Sometimes it’s worth thinking about the money you’ll likely save in the long run on your energy bills. Consider all your options and whether it’s worth saving up a little longer for a bigger budget for the best treatments.

Think About Letting Light In

Blinds aren’t just good for cutting down on the amount of glare coming into your home. They can also help to keep a sense of light and airiness in your home. It’s important to think about the placement and colors of the blinds. Opt for high and wide blinds. This way you can open completely to allow natural light throughout the day, but cut out all light on a night when you want total privacy.

They’re Not Just Good for Lighting

And saying that about light blinds in Oyster Bay don’t just offer lighting benefits. They help to minimize the amount of UV rays coming into the home, protecting your furniture and walls from UV damage. The right material will also offer more heating benefits throughout the year, saving you money on your HVAC use. Then there are the privacy and emotional benefits of the right types of blinds.

Oyster Bay blinds are beautiful and beneficial additions to your home. Go in with the top five things you need to know and you’ll find the best options for you.