4 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Destroying Your Blinds in Glen Cove

You have beautiful Glen Cove blinds set up around your home, but there’s a major issue with one of the members of your family. Your four-legged best friend likes to get into the blinds. You’ve found you’re replacing them way more often than you want, so now it’s time to look for ways to protect your blinds. It is possible. You can stop your dog from destroying your blinds and here are XX tips to manage it.

Keep Them Slightly Raised

Your dog isn’t destroying the blinds in Glen Cove to be mean. To your four-legged friend the blinds are an obstacle to go through. And they will literally go through this obstacle. The best thing you can do is limit the obstacle in the path.

This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your blinds altogether. You could look at getting different types of blinds or curtains, but you can also opt for raising your blinds a little. Create a gap that your dog can use to see out of the window and not feel completely blocked.

Train to Leave the Blinds

The first option is just a short term solution. Eventually, you want to train your dog to leave the Glen Cove blinds alone. This means learning the “leave it” command or helping your dog remain calm when something happens outside.

Your local pet store will usually offer some tips to help train your dog. Otherwise, you’ll be able to get tips off the internet and your puppy friends. Everyone has been there and everyone finds a way to train.

Use a Bitter or Sour Apple Spray

Some dogs just like to gnaw at the blinds. This means finding a way to prevent your dog finding your blinds tasty, which is where a spray comes in. You can get bitter or sour apple sprays from the pet store. They will become your best friend and can be used around the house.

The spray doesn’t damage the wood work, but tastes awful (and this is from experience of getting it on the hands accidentally). Use the spray on areas you don’t want your dog to chew. When they go to chew, they get the awful taste and learn that the blinds in Glen Cove actually aren’t that fun.

Offer something else they can chew on instead. Eventually, you’ll no longer need the bitter spray.

Help Your Dog Deal with Alone Time

Dogs can become anxious when you leave the house. Because of this they start destroying things. It’s their way of saying they need you home. This doesn’t mean you have to stay around or sacrifice your blinds.

It’s time to crate train or help your dog deal with anxiety. Train your dog to accept alone time and know they’re safe when you’re not around.

You can protect your Glen Cove blinds from being destroyed. Figure out why your dog destroys them and work on training against it.