3 Tips to Get an Upstate Feel with Roman Shades in Oyster Bay

You know the type of look you want to achieve with your shades and window treatments. It’s time to get that professional, upstate look; the one that you see all the time on TV shows and in movies. Is it really possible to do that with Oyster Bay roman shades?

These are actually the best shades to get this sort of look. The cascading style and beautiful patterns are everything that upstate means. Make sure you choose the right shades for your home and rooms with these top tips.

Opt for the Regal Colors

Start with the coloring of your shades. This is extremely important as you can’t just choose any. You want colors that scream royalty. After all, your home needs to look like it belongs in the Hamptons or fit for a queen.

Bold but traditional colors are the way to go for this look. Royal blue is definitely one of the favorites. It’s crisp and fairly neutral for most homes. Purple and burgundy reds can also be good options for that regal look without too much effort and the colors can certainly work well for most interests and styles. If you want to opt for a more natural feel with the upstate look, emerald green is a fourth option.

Silver and gold can create a royal look, but it doesn’t always translate well as the base color of your blinds. These are the colors to consider when it comes to the next detail.

Vine or Oriental-Style Patterns

Upstate roman shades in Oyster Bay aren’t going to be plain. But you want to get the best pattern and this is where the use of gold and silver will come in. Just choose the one color to work for a simplistic but regal looking piece of artwork in your windows.

Floral vines are beautiful and ornate. They don’t take a lot of focus away, but the natural feel can help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. These patterns are perfect if you want to minimize the regal look, keeping that simplistic upstate feeling.

When you want to go more formal, Oriental-style patterns are certainly the way to go. Think about the beautiful patterns of the Indian royal families and the Chinese dynasties. They instantly bring that look of centuries gone by.

Go with Cascading Blinds

You usually get the choice of working with either cascading or stacking roman shades in Oyster Bay. You’ll certainly want to work with the cascading ones. This style helps to bring more of a flow to your blinds, creating that energy that you already bring with the colors and patterns. The stacked blinds can look a little regimental.

Getting an upstate feel with your Oyster Bay roman shades is much simpler than you thought. With the above tips, you’ll soon find people comment on that feeling of being in the Hamptons the minute they walk in. All the while, you’ll be happy and relaxed in your own home.