3 Tips on How to Hang Your Drapes in Bayville

You’ve decided on Bayville drapes. The window covering is already here, with the material and style of your dreams. Now you just need to hang the drapes in your home. Just how do you do it? Where do you put that curtain pole? Here’s a look at three tips to help you hang your drapes perfectly.

Consider the Drape and Window Sizes

You should have already measured for your drapes before buying them. The measurement should have been taken from the level on the walls that you wanted to hang the drapes from.

If you didn’t do this and bought standard-sized drapes in Bayville, you’ll need to do the measuring now. You want start hanging from the halfway point between the top of the window and the ceiling. The drapes should then hang naturally to the floor. If there is central heating, the drapes will need to sit just above the heaters to avoid damage.

If you have cathedral ceilings, leave a gap of 4-6 inches from above the window and hang from there. The ceilings are higher and can look odd if you work with the middle starting point.

When you have arched windows, work with the top of the arch for your height. Need to add more height appearance to your window? You can work slightly more towards the ceiling.

It’s Also About the Width

You can’t just think about the height of your drapes. Make sure they sit at equal sides of your windows when open. You don’t want the curtain rods to sit too far out from the edges of the window either.

Leave between 4 and 10 inches between the sides of the window and the Bayville drapes when they’re open. The 4 inch mark is perfect when you want to dress your windows with the new treatments. If you want to keep them completely out of the way and have other ways of dressing your windows, 10 inches will work.

The larger gap will make your window look wider. This can help to create the sense of more space in a smaller apartment or room.

Get the Right Curtain Rods

Now you know where to hang your drapes in Bayville, you need to get the right curtain rods. Work with the material of your drapes for this. You’ll be surprised at the way they can draw attention to the windows, sometimes in the wrong way.

Let’s start with the thicker fabrics. They work best with the decorative rods with beautiful, twisty spirals on the end. If you have lightweight curtains and sheer drapes, look for the simplistic, minimalistic rods. They will avoid the attention drawn to your drapes.

Of course, you’ll also need to work with the other decorations in the room. If you have bronze lightshades, you’ll want to use bronze curtain rails!

It’s time to hang your drapes in Bayville. Make sure you get them at the right height. You may find they need adjusting at the bottom if you didn’t think of this before buying them. However, next time make sure you measure first to make installing your drapes much easier and quicker.