3 Times Motorized Blinds in Oyster Bay Are Perfect (and 2 They’re Not)

Have you started looking at Oyster Bay motorized blinds? You can get all types of blinds and shades installed, making sure you get full control of the lighting and UV rays while offering a range of heating and privacy benefits. However, motorized blinds and shades aren’t for everyone. Before you get them installed, you’ll need to consider the three times they’re perfect and two times they’re definitely not.

PERFECT: When You Want a Smart Home

There are many people now turning to Smart appliances. This means they want to control everything via apps on their phone or tablets. You get full control whether you’re in or out of the house, creating a safer and friendlier environment. Setting up motorized blinds in Oyster Bay is just one part of that process. You’ll be able to close your blinds when you’re on your way home after a long day at work, so you’re not fiddling to offer privacy the minute you walk in.

NOT PERFECT: When You’re Renting

Don’t bother looking into motorized blinds if you don’t own your own home. They’re customized for the specific windows and aren’t the easiest to move into other houses. Motorized blinds can also help to increase the value of your home, similar to shutters. You’re putting money into someone else’s home. The only time to consider them when renting is if you know this is definitely a long term let—and you’ll be there for at least 10 years!

PERFECT: When You Want Ease of Use

Oyster Bay motorized blinds are excellent for low maintenance options. All you’ll need to do is wipe them down every now and then to get rid of the build-up of dust. They’re also extremely easy to use. There’s no need to deal with cords and pulleys. A click of a button and you can open and close. It’s possible to get wired and wireless options depending on the way you want to control them.

NOT PERFECT: When You’re Planning on Moving Soon

While renting isn’t a good idea, neither is if you’re looking at selling your home soon. The blinds can add a little extra value to your home, but you want to take advantage of all the benefits motorized blinds in Oyster Bay will offer. You don’t get that if you’re putting them up just to sell your home easier. Make the most of them by saving your money for when you move into your next place.

PERFECT: When You Want Easy Cordless Options

Motorized blinds cut all the cords. You can even cut the wires running through your walls for battery-powered options. This isn’t just good for ease of use and low cost, but also because they’re the safest options to have in your home. Cordless blinds are essential for child safety. Even if you only babysit nieces and nephews now and then, you put their safety first.

It’s time to consider Oyster Bay motorized blinds. They could work out to be the best money you’ve ever spent in your home.