3 Choices to Make Before Ordering Your Custom Plantation Shutters in Syosset

You know you want Syosset plantation shutters in your home. You’ve looked through all your other window treatment options and shutters are your preferred type. You have even looked through all the different types of shutters, and know that the plantation style offers all the benefits you need. Now it’s time to get your shutters made.

Plantation shutters are custom made. They need to be to suit your exact window style and size. That means a lot of decisions available for you to make. Here are three choices you’ll need to make before ordering.

The Frame and Divider Style

Plantation shutters come in three different styles. You can get the one panel that opens and closes easily, the café style that only covers half your window, or the panel with divider so each panel separates. All three have their own pros and cons, with the dual opening panels being among the most expensive.

The decision will really depend on what you want to gain from your shutters. If you want to shut out complete light at some points of the day, café plantation shutters will instantly be ruled out. If you would like to sometimes add privacy to the bottom of your windows but sometimes open the top, the dual panels may be worth considering.

Slide or Swing Open

Plantation shutters in Syosset can come in two main ways of opening. You can get those that pull open and swing back closed or you can get those that slide on a runner. Again, there are cost implications on the two, but there are also design implications.

With a slider style, you’ll need to get runners placed around your windows. If you just have swing style, you’ll need a locking mechanism either side of your windows to keep the shutters open throughout the day.

The Size of the Louvers

Another consideration is going to be the size of the louvers. This is an option many people overlook, believing that the louvers come in a one-size-fits-all approach. Most Syosset plantation shutters come with 2.5”, 3.5” or 4.5” louvers. All offer the same benefits when closed, but slightly different benefits when opened.

If you want to allow plenty of light into your home when the shutters are closed but louvers open, you’ll want to consider the larger louvers. However, you’ll also want to consider the size of your windows. Smaller windows will work best with the smaller louvers, as they tend to work in proportion with each other. Likewise, larger windows tend to look better with the larger louvers.

Not sure and have no real preference? The 3.5” louvers tend to be the most popular, because they sit in the middle of needs.

Don’t just order your custom plantation shutters in Syosset. These are permanent fixtures. Buying is more than just thinking about colors and style, but about the way they open and sit in the window. The three factors will help you get beautiful shutters for your windows.