Why Get Roller Shades in University Place Homes?

You’ve just moved into your beautiful home and now you need to think about the decorative needs. Your window treatments fall into that category and you may want to consider University Place roller shades. Whether you rent or buy, they can be the most cost effective options for a home. Here’s a look at why you’ll want to consider them.

Perfect on a Small Budget

Roller shades are among the cheapest options for window treatments. But not just that! They’re cheap to install and affordable to maintain. You barely have to do anything to them once they’re hanging in your home. A quick shake to dislodge any dust and a wash down with a damp cloth now and then and you’ll be good to go.

When you’re on a small budget, you’re usually thinking about the right now. It doesn’t matter which window treatments will last a decade. You want something that will tide you over until you have more money for something else. Roller shades in University Place are perfect for that.

They Look Good in All Rooms

Whether you want something for the living room, dining room, or even bedroom, the shades will look good. You can get a variety of colors and materials to suit styles and interests. Children can have a quirky design while adults can opt for sophisticated patterns or bold colors for a particular mood.

The shades can even work in bathrooms and kitchens. Fabric shades aren’t too bad, but you can get thin vinyl roller shades in University Place. These shades won’t take in as much moisture and won’t suffer from the potential mold damage. You’ll have them for longer than some other types of blinds and window treatments.

Work Well With Curtains

If you like curtains, you’ll want to consider shades to work with them. The two work seamlessly together, as long as you get matching colors and designs. You also get a variety of benefits by working the two window treatments together.

One of the biggest benefits is in the heating and electricity bills. You have a double setting within the window to prevent the heat escaping from the home or coming through from the outside. This is perfect if you want more affordable living costs without sacrificing comfort.

No Mess Installation

The last thing you want is to be measuring windows and drilling holes into the frames, especially if you are renting. University Place roller shades often sit with a pressure beam (although you can get drilling options) to help minimize the mess when it comes to installing the blinds. Even if you opt for those you do drill in the frame, they’re exceptionally easy to install.

And they’re easy to use. You don’t need a degree to use your University Place window treatments.

It’s time to give University Place roller shades a good consideration. They’re affordable, beautiful, and practical for every room in the home. All you need to choose now is the color and pattern for each room.