Why Blinds in Lakewood Make the Perfect Nursery Window Covering

When you’re expecting a baby, you want everything to look perfect. This includes getting the right window treatment for the windows. After all, you want something that works with the décor, while offering the blackout effect. Lakewood blinds offer the perfect option for your nursery window coverings. Here’s why you need them for your baby’s room.

It’s Simple to Create the Blackout Effect

One of the biggest benefits is that blinds are easy to create the blackout effect. The material is thick enough to keep all daylight out of the room, making the room dark enough for nap times during the day. Those light summer evenings aren’t going to make it harder to get your baby down for the night and the lighter mornings won’t disrupt the sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, blackout blinds in Lakewood don’t need to be made of dark material. While they are popular, it’s all about the thickness of the material. You can easily get the blackout effect while working with the exact décor of the room. Want to keep a crisp, white or cream décor throughout the room? It really isn’t a problem.

Easy to Install and Use

The last thing you want is to fiddle with shutter clasps or pull curtains closed completely. You’ve usually got your baby in your arms or you’re trying to be as quiet as possible. Blinds offer the perfect option before they’re so easy to use. In many case, you can work them with just one hand, locking them in place without a sound.

These window treatments are also easy to install. Unlike shutters, there’s often no need for screwdrivers and hammers. You won’t need to get help to make sure your blinds are straight. You can quickly use a drill to put the blinds above or within the window and get yourself ready for the baby’s arrival without the stress.

Easy installation also means easy removal. As your baby gets older and wants a change of décor, it’s very easy to work with that.

Safe for the Family

At one time there were worries about the safety of Lakewood blinds for children. Many blinds came with cords that children could get themselves trapped in. This isn’t the case anymore. More and more companies are creating cordless features. You can get them with toggles or pulley systems, making them much easier to use than ever before.

It’s also possible to get motorized blinds for the nursery. Not only do you cut the cord, but you make it even easier to open and close the coverings. You just need a click of a button, which can easily be kept out of the reach of the children.

You will still need to follow some basic safety tips. Make sure no furniture is near the blinds to prevent babies and children climbing up and pulling the blinds down!

Work With All Types of Décor

Blinds in Lakewood are usually made of fabric. Some are made of wood, faux wood, or vinyl. However, all the styles have the same benefit of working with the different types of décor. As mentioned, you can get blackout blinds in bright colors. You can also get styles with cartoon characters on them or patterns to help stimulate development in babies.

There’s absolutely no décor that blinds won’t work with. At the same time, they’re affordable so they are perfect when you have a lot of outgoings for the new arrival. Make sure you consider Lakewood blinds for your baby’s nursery in depth before settling on any type of window treatment.