What to Look for in Blinds in University Place

Getting the right window treatments for your home is important. University Place blinds look beautiful, but you need to get the right types for individual rooms. This is more than thinking about moisture levels. You also want to think about the direction your windows face. Here’s a look at everything to look for in blinds for your home.

Materials for Moisture

Of course, moisture is something you’ll want to consider. Each room will have its own level of moisture, with bathrooms being the most humid. When it comes to bathrooms, there’s a risk of mildew and mold damage. Opt for blinds that will sustain the water, allowing it to evaporate easily, rather than soaking in the water.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds in University Place are among the most popular for bathrooms. They don’t absorb the water and they’re easy to clean.

Avoiding the Warping

If you have rooms that are south facing, you will definitely want to think carefully about the heat in the room. South facing rooms get much hotter than other rooms in the home, because they get a constant blast of the sun. This means your blinds in University Place will suffer from potential warping. You’ll want to think extremely carefully about the materials.

Faux wood, again, is one of the best options. It doesn’t suffer from the heat damage, so the shape will remain constant throughout the life of the blinds. Vinyl can also be a good option, since it also doesn’t suffer. However, some vinyl colors can start to fade with the sun.

Thinking About UV Damage

While you want to avoid warping, you’ll also need to think about sun damage. The UV rays can cause the colors to fade over time. This affects all types of University Place blinds, so it’s the colors that you want to think carefully about.

Darker colors will absorb the rays and show signs of damage much sooner. Lighter colors reflect the UV rays, minimizing damage.

Consider Style of Windows

You’ll want your University Place blinds to match the style of your home. Think about the style and size of your windows. Mini blinds are perfect for big and small windows. You can double up next to each other and the blinds look like one long blind, making them perfect for bay windows and extra long options.

However, you’ll want to look into vertical blinds when dealing with sliding windows and doors. They move in the direction of the window opening, making it much easier to keep the functionality of the windows and doors when they’re in place. If your windows open up and down, you want horizontal blinds instead.

Blinds in University Place look beautiful and give you the chance to see through the window without affecting natural light during the day. However, opt for the right type for your room and home needs. The above four factors are the most crucial to make sure your blinds last for the lifetime.