Best Window Coverings in Lakewood for a Rustic Look

Getting a rustic or country feel to your home can help to create a homely feel. You want to make sure your Lakewood window coverings work with that décor in mind. This doesn’t just mean looking at specific colors, but specific styles and designs for your window treatments. With that in mind, here are the best coverings to get that rustic, natural look.

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds Are the Best

Let’s start with the wood look. Wooden blinds are by far the best way to create a rustic look around your windows. After all, they’re the natural element from the outdoors. You don’t need to treat the wood in any way, although varnishing can help with caring and durability of the blinds.

Wooden blinds can warp with the heat, though. It can be worth investing in faux wood blinds instead. These look like the real deal, but tend to last longer and are made of sturdier material. The only way someone would know the difference is if they walked up to the window to examine.

One of the benefits of wood or faux wood window coverings in Lakewood is they come in different styles and colors. You can choose any type to work with the exact style you want. Aged wood will help to bring the vintage look, while pine or oak can work with furniture you’ve already got in the house.

Curtains Can Offer a Warm Appearance

If you’re not a big fan of blinds or you want to keep the costs to a minimum, consider curtains for your rustic look. You can also get a weathered or aged appearance, along with country, hunter, and cottage styles. It’s all in the styles of curtains that you buy.

Curtains certainly offer the benefits of easy maintenance and installation. Look out for plaid or tartan styled curtains for the full rustic look. It’s almost like a deer hunter in your home. This works extremely well if you have a plain wood windowsill and boarder around your window.

Alternatively, you can get curtains that have the appearance of a weathered sheet. They can have frayed edges and hang from just one side of the window. Choose beige or other natural colors to complete the look.

Work with Shutters

Finally, shutters can make a beautiful addition to your cottage home. These Lakewood window coverings are best in wood, either without slats or with a small cut out to let in some light. Opt for indoor shutters, making them much easier to use on a daily basis. However, exterior shutters can offer extra benefits.

Like with the wooden blinds, you instantly get the appearance of the outdoors inside your home through the use of natural materials. You can also keep the shutters plain, just sanding them down and varnishing. There are faux wood materials available if you want more durable and heat-friendly options.

The downside with shutters is that they can cost more than other window coverings in Lakewood. However, you will usually increase the value of your home. They’re worth considering, especially when they instant bring that cottage look.

Now the choice is yours. There are some beautiful Lakewood window coverings that work for your home. They will bring the rustic look without any hassle. All you have to do is get the right materials and colors to complete the décor.