Going to a Designer? Get Budget Blinds of Stamford Involved in Your Home Improvement!

When it’s time to update your Stamford home, don’t stop at hiring only an interior designer, get a specialist in the window treatments involved as well. Designers work well with the layout of your entire space- the look and feel. However, when it comes to window treatments in Stamford, you discover that you have many options to choose from and their knowledge of their style and functionality may not be as expansive as that of a professional in a company such as Budget Blinds of Stamford. 

We collaborate with designers on their efforts will not only get you a better end-result, but it will also save you time and money and spare you of heartache in the long run. Here are the top three reasons why you should involve a window treatment specialist for your Stamford home. 

1. Getting a designer only is like using shampoo and conditioner. 

While it’s great, it doesn’t do the same job as a single product that it specializes in. The same principle applied to this circumstance. Budget Blinds of Stamford, in this instance, is the singular product. We’re constantly trained on new trends that have not yet come out and can give you a deep insight into window treatment manufacturers and which brands perform the best. 

2. Budget Blinds of Stamford experts gives you insight into both function and style.

When considering options such as whether you should get woven wood shades in Stamford or blackout shades in Stamford, we can ask you what your end goal with lighting control is and consult based on the functionality of your options. 

If you’re stuck between the option of either getting faux wood blinds in Stamford or wood blinds in Stamford, we would tell you that it depends on the area of your home. For example, faux wood blinds in Stamford do well in high traffic or moist areas of your home such as the kitchen or bathroom. Because they would require more frequent cleaning and are easier to maintain, they would be better from a time-saving aspect. Also, faux wood blinds in Stamford can withstand moisture. Therefore, an area like the restroom would fare much better.

3. We can offer you insight into what your motorized window treatment in Stamford options are. 

Did you know that those neat motorized solar shades in Stamford that you may see in offices, patios and coffee shops are not your only option for motorization? There’s an entire world of window treatments in Stamford that are waiting to be discovered. For instance, if you love the look of roman shades in Stamford but you have your heart set on motorization, you can have the best of both worlds! 


Remember, you don’t have to choose either a designer or a window treatment expert. You can have both!

Need window treatment recommendations in Stamford? Call Andrew of Budget Blinds of Stamford at 203-580-3362 for your free consultation today.