4 Unique Window Treatments To Brighten Your Home This Winter

Generally, during winter there is less light, everything dies, and it gets cold. Unfortunately, life dulls a little as we are confined to the inside of our homes during this period. Brightening up the home could make winter that much more enjoyable. Here are some winter window treatment trends to spice up your home decor:

Jewel tone treatments. Jewel tones such as amethyst, deep ruby, and emerald can add an element of sophistication to any space. With additional soft metallics, these luxurious colors can make your home stand out instantly.

Nature-inspired. Bringing nature indoors is one of the hottest interior design trends this year. Natural elements are especially popular in winter when the snow keeps us from most of nature's wonders. Consider bringing in window treatments that have natural materials such as bamboo for an elegant, earthy appearance.

Metallics. Metallic treatments bring an air of luxury into your home as soon as they touch the windows. Gold, bronze, and silver fabrics or accents light up the room and even add greater value to your holiday decorations. Add a few of the latest popular colors and you can guarantee your space will be on par with some of the greatest designs.

Marigold. Yellow is one of those colors that can make or break a space. The wrong shade can make your home look sick rather than cheery. For this reason, consider choosing a warm and rich marigold color to get your space to stand out. This shade of yellow is reminiscent of sunny days and bright futures while complementing the deeper, moodier colors you may have around the house such as plum or emerald for winter.

While some American homeowners only replace their window treatments like curtains, drapes, blinds, and shutters, every seven to eight years, there's no reason to wait. Take this winter to redesign your home decor. Our design consultants at Budget Blinds of Spokane Valley can help you pick the best window treatments for your home. Call 509-955-7070 today for a free in-home consultation.