Advantages Of Shoreline Pleated Shades

Have you been considering adding Shoreline pleated shades for the windows of your house? Are you still unsure if this is the right type of window covering for your home? You need to learn about some of the important advantages of these window treatments so you can see why they are the smart solution for any home.  

Once you know these advantages, you will be able to make an informed choice about whether or not this is the best window covering for your home's windows. Below are the advantages are the most important for you to learn about.

1. Offers a unique look for your windows - These shades offer a unique look for any window in your house. They have folded accordion pleats that will help to add dimension to any of the living spaces in your home.

When this shade is opened all the way, it stacks completely flat so that you can get the best outdoor view from the window. This also allows the maximum amount of sunlight into your home.

You also have to option of only opening them part of the way, if you still want some privacy, but also want to enjoy some sunlight. With the different style options available, you can get a top-down bottom-up style of shade that will let you open this shade from the bottom only, or you can choose to open them from the top down.

This gives you privacy but still allows in whatever sunlight you want to have in your home. No matter what window you put these window coverings on, you will definitely be giving your windows a unique and elegant look.

2. Affordable window coverings - These shades are affordable window coverings for anyone. You can easily find the right color, and style of this shade for your home that fits well within your budget.

3. Different pleat sizes available - This window covering offers two different pleat sizes. You can get the standard 1-inch pleat size, which is a good fit for most windows in any home. You can also choose to get the 2-inch pleats that work well for any larger windows in your home.

These window coverings also work well for any window that is shaped differently such as, angled top, arched windows, and even skylights.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of Shoreline pleated shades, you can see why this is the smart solution for your windows. If you want to enjoy these advantages in your own home, then you will definitely choose this type of window covering for any or all of the windows in your home.