Bathroom Window Treatment - What to Consider

When you start planning for new window treatments, don’t forget to plan for your bathroom window treatments as well. This is an important space that often gets overlooked but also demands a signature style that’s both functional and decorative. 

There are three requirements that a window treatment should meet before you consider it ideal for your bathroom window treatments: privacy, durability, and light control. Some people live in houses without windows, but this isn’t the perfect way to live. You’ll miss out on the openness, air, and natural light that comes with having a window. We understand the need for privacy, and that’s why bathroom window treatments come in handy. This gives you privacy and allows you to still enjoy natural light. 

Here are some bathroom window treatments that you should try out. 

Roman Shades

This is one of the best window treatments for the bathroom. It makes a strong statement, yet very practical and functional. With the roman shade, you’ll be able to control the amount of natural light that comes in. It also absorbs sound and adds some softness to your bathroom’s hard surfaces. This is why it is a standout option among other bathroom window treatments. 

Roman shades look just perfect for the bathroom and blend with almost all design aesthetics. In addition, there are endless options for pattern and color, so you only have to choose a fabric and style that blends with the room’s tone. 

One important rule that you must watch for when choosing fabric for heavy traffic and high moisture rooms like the bathroom is this: choose a mildew-resistant material that can be spot cleaned easily. This is a tough space, and your window treatment must be a warrior. 


Faux Wood

Faux wood is another high-caliber material for bathroom window treatments due to its versatility. It also gives you the same elegance you get from real wood blinds, and it’s able to resist the high moisture in a place like a bathroom since it doesn’t crack or warp. 

Also, when the time comes to clean the faux wood blinds, you won’t have to struggle with them. It also has a traditional, classic look that is sure to complement your bathroom’s pristine quality, making it an ideal choice. Finally, you can add some types of decorative clothes to match the mood of your bathroom if you want some touch of color. 


Woven Woods

If you’ve set your house to give a contemporary or casual feeling, then you should opt for woven woods as your bathroom window treatment. It has a natural look that enhances your bathroom space with an extra layer of visual and textural interest. The shades from the woven woods allow light to diffuse in softly while giving you all the privacy you need. There’s also the bottom-up, top-down feature that will enable you to decide the level of privacy and amount of sunlight you want in your bathroom. Then, of course, you can go for a blackout if you want complete privacy. 


Custom Drapery

These are quaint bathroom window treatments that give both natural light and privacy in a very simple way. Drapery ensures that your view is intact while you get modest privacy. You can use lightweight fabrics to make custom drapery, so it ensures that there’s a blurred view of your bathroom from the outside, but the silhouettes are seen. If you’re on the second story, use café curtains or if your bathroom’s window isn’t facing the street or prying eyes of your neighbors. Otherwise, you should use a heavy drapery fabric or go for roman shades. 


Vinyl Shutters

If you want a clean traditional look, you must look up at shutters for your window treatments. Shutters have a rustic feel, and the fact that it is vinyl means that it won’t crack or warp like wood. With shutters, you’re sure to get an opulent look, and your bathroom is going to have a finished look. It doesn’t matter that it’s your bathroom; it can also look well dressed. If you’re one of those people that want lots of natural light to seep into your bathroom, then install your shutters, such as café curtains, solely at the lower part of your window. 



Valances are often made in several patterns, colors, and styles. So choosing this window treatment for your bathroom will help to brighten it up. But, no matter the aesthetics of your bathroom, there are undoubtedly going to be valances that fit perfectly. 

Valances are a beautiful way of introducing style and color to your bathroom when there’s no worry about privacy. If you don’t have privacy worries, you can have a draped valance over the window to add some softness to your bathroom. 



These are some of the best bathroom window treatments to add beauty and style to your bathroom while preserving your privacy. 

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