Why Real Wooden Blinds in Goleta Are More Superior to Faux Wood

If you’ve ever looked at blinds, you’ll usually come up to two main options: Goleta wooden blinds or faux wood blinds. They tend to be the most favored because of quality, but one may be better than the other. Wooden blinds are highly beneficial for the home and here’s why they’re better than faux wood.

They’re Better for the Environment

One of the big benefits is to the environment. There’s a lot of focus on eco-friendly homes, but this tends to only apply to the heating bills. What people tend to forget is the way materials break down. Faux wood has a PVC layer over the top of the wooden core to help protect it. This PVC is plastic and takes time to break down.

Wooden blinds in Goleta are natural materials. Even when varnished or lightly treated, the materials will still breakdown naturally and quicker than the manmade options. And the varnishing tends to wear off. You’ll look after the environment more when you’re ready to replace your blinds.

They Offer Plenty of Heating Benefits

A lot of those who like faux wood blinds tend to focus on how wooden blinds warp. While that’s the case, there are ways around to prevent that from happening. One benefit that Goleta wooden blinds offer is to prevent heat loss or gain.

The blinds take up the whole window space and will prevent the heat from passing through them. However, they still allow for air circulation to improve air quality, which isn’t something that faux wood blinds can always offer. You’ll keep the temperatures consistent in the home, whether your blinds are fully closed or the slats are open.

There Are So Many Options

While faux wood blinds do come with various options, you get lots of natural options when it comes to real wooden blinds in Goleta. You can choose different types of woods and blind styles. For example, bamboo shades look beautiful in the majority of rooms in the home and are practical. You can get them as slat blinds, roller shades, and even roman blinds.

You can always find something that will match your décor. Because you get a natural look, you also keep the base of your home neutral, avoiding an overwhelming feeling when you step into a room.

They Work in All Rooms

Wood is a natural material that is used to dealing with the different types of elements and temperatures. This makes Goleta wooden blinds perfect for all rooms in the home. There is something that suits all needs and interests. Bamboo shades are great for bathrooms and other high humidity areas, while oak blinds can add beauty to a dining room.

You’ll find something that brings out the emotions in the room. They’ll work effortlessly, which is something not all faux wood blinds can offer.

Still looking for the best window treatments for your home? Give Goleta wooden blinds a serious consideration to make your home eco-friendly and beautiful.