Top Tips for Painting Your Vinyl Shutters in Santa Barbara

Once you’ve chosen your external Santa Barbara shutters, you’ll need to look into maintenance techniques. Every few years, your shutters will need repainting, especially vinyl shutters. This offers an extra layer of protection, while making them look just like new. If you’re selling your home, you will definitely want to add a layer of paint to make them look good.

Here are the top tips for painting your vinyl shutters so they’re something you’re proud of having on your home.

Give Them a Good Clean

Start by fully cleaning your vinyl shutters in Santa Barbara. You don’t just want to wipe off the muck and dirt from the front of the shutters. Remove them from their windows and give the hinges a deep clean. Get into all the nooks and crannies of your shutters to make sure you get rid of all dirt, grime, and dust.

Use scrub brushes if you wish. They won’t do damage to the shutters and are good for getting into the tougher corners and sections of the hinges.

Remove the Shutters Before Painting

Always make sure you remove your shutters before you start painting them. This isn’t just for washing them, but to make sure you get an even coverage. You want to get every little section of your shutters for an even and beautiful look. You’ll also find it easier to follow the last tip.

Your Santa Barbara shutters can end up housing bee or wasp nests. Painting them while they still hang will run the risk of being stung. When you remove them, you can handle the nests effectively, calling in pest help if you need to.

Stick to Latex Paint

Your exterior shutters in Santa Barbara face all type of elements. You’ll need to make sure the paint protects them. Latex paint is the best, especially when it’s designed for exterior uses at the same time. It’s affordable, durable, and offers beautiful results to your vinyl shutters.

Don’t worry too much about the types of paints that are for vinyl shutters. While they are good, they don’t offer any specialist results compared to latex. They are just more expensive, so really end up being a waste of money in the long term. Plenty of experts highly recommend exterior latex paint instead.

Paint Away from the Sun

Find a shady spot for your painting. If you can, take your shutters indoors. The garage or dining area will be excellent options. If you can’t, then at least a spot underneath a tree that remains out of direct sunlight will be good.

Direct spotlight can affect the drying of your paint. You’ll also find it harder to see where the missing spots are and whether you’ve got an even coverage. It’s only when you put the Santa Barbara shutters back up that you realize you’ve missed a spot or two. By then it’s too late and you’ll need to do it all again!

Take your time to repaint your vinyl shutters in Santa Barbara. You will get a beautiful, even coverage and your shutters become something to be proud of having. Remember you don’t just need one color for your shutters. This will be a great time to try out different patterns and styles for more personality.