Shutters vs. Drapes in Carpinteria: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Out of all the window treatments, Carpinteria drapes and shutters tend to offer vintage looks. They’re the oldest type of treatments for windows, used for centuries before the designs of blinds and motorized coverings. When you want to create that vintage, antique look in your home, you’ll likely compare the two treatments to find the best for your needs.

Here’s a look at how the two differ. One will suit your exact needs more than the other.

Offering Light Control

Both types of treatments off a type of light control. The way they work will affect the exact type that you choose. Shutters are easy to open and close, but you can also get ones that have moveable slats. These will allow you to let some daylight into a room, reducing the glare but not completely cutting out all the light. This is perfect for when you want to keep some natural light in the home, such as in living rooms, kitchens, and sun rooms.

Drapes in Carpinteria, on the other hand, block out all light when they’re closed. They can be thick, not just reducing glare but making your room extremely dark. This is great for the bedroom if you want to great a blackout effect during the day, but it can be problematic in other rooms. You’ll need to use electric lights. You can add a lining that closes instead, but that means two treatments on one window to make the most of glare reduction in the daytime.

Offering Extra Privacy

Both drapes and shutters offer privacy benefits when installed. Shutters are one of the best, especially since you can install them on the outside of your home. It’s possible to completely block the view into the home. Interior shutters also help to reduce the amount people can see in, protecting against passersby, peeping Toms, and nosey neighbors.

Drapes offer privacy benefits too. If you do get a lining sheer curtain to help reduce glare, you can reduce the amount people can see in. This doesn’t stop you from seeing out in case you like to see what’s happening within the street. The thickness of Carpinteria drapes will help to block out all views in and out of the house when they’re entirely closed.

Offering Mixed Lifespan Results

If you want something to last the entire time you’re in the house, you’ll want to consider shutters. They’re designed to withstand the sun and heat damage. Exterior shutters are also designed to withstand weather damage. Of course, this will depend on your maintenance. They can be slightly harder to maintain than drapes, but for lack of replacement that maintenance is worthwhile. Many shutters will also come with 10+-year warranties.

Drapes are made of less durable material. Many are made of thick, dark material, which absorbs the sun’s rays. They are more likely to succumb to UV rot. The drapes are only designed to last 5-10 years before being replaced. However, you can get linings that will help to protect the drape material. You’ll also need to consider professional cleaning treatments to protect when maintaining.

The biggest difference between shutters and drapes in Carpinteria is going to be the cost. Drapes are far cheaper than shutters, but they don’t offer the same value-adding benefits to the home. You’ll also need to spend more by replacing drapes more frequently.

There is no wrong or right answer. Some people prefer shutters while others want the easier-to-maintain and cheaper options of Carpinteria drapes. Consider all the differences to find the perfect vintage look for your home.