Light Filtering vs. Room Darkening vs. Blackout: Choosing the Curtains in Santa Barbara for Your Needs

You’ve decided on getting a set of curtains in Santa Barbara for your windows. These can be the cheapest and easiest options, especially if you’re renting. Sadly, the choices don’t end here.

 Now you need to decide on the thickness of the material. You need to decide whether you want light filtering curtains or if blackout curtains are necessary. Here are the pros and cons of each type to find the best option for your needs.

 Light Filtering for Rooms that Need Privacy but Natural Light

 Let’s start with light filtering curtains. These could work for every single room in the home, but you’re going to need secondary window treatments for some of the rooms in your home. You’ll often hear of these being referred to as sheer curtains in Santa Barbara. The idea is that they let the natural light into the room while offering you maximum privacy.

 They’re great when you need natural light into the room. You may want to reduce the glare in the sunroom and gain privacy without getting rid of all natural light in the space. However, they’re not going to darken a room that you need to sleep in. You can use a secondary treatment for this, though, if you have rooms where you need dual purposes.

 Room Darkening Curtains in Santa Barbara for a Mixture of Needs

 Sometimes you want to darken the room but you don’t want to create a complete blackout effect. This can be useful in bedrooms, where you want to wake up to some of the light shining through without too much. You get a calmer wakeup call. The curtains can also be excellent for the living room, where you want to block out sun and light if you’re watching a horror movie but not plunge the room in complete darkness.

 The downside is that you’re in the middle of blackout and light filtering. You can end up with too much darkness depending on the time of day or the weather for the day. If you need complete darkness for a child’s room, the curtains aren’t going to be right for you.

 Blackout Curtains for the Darkness 

If you have a space where you need darkness during the day, the only option is going to be a set of blackout curtains in Santa Barbara. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can only get dark colors for these styles, but that’s no longer the case. It’s all about the thickness of the material.

 Blackout curtains are excellent for children’s rooms and bedrooms if you work shifts or you find any light from outside distracting. They can also help to minimize some sound from outside, but they’re not perfect sound proofing options.

 If you sometimes only want to get rid of the glare, you can double blackout curtains with shades or sheer curtains. You’ll be surprised by your options.

 What type of curtains in Santa Barbara are going to be right for you? It’s important to know what you want to achieve with your window treatments. This will help you decide between sheer, room darkening, and blackout curtains for the home.