Is There a Difference Between Solar Shades and Roller Shades in Santa Barbara?

When you look at solar and roller shades in Santa Barbara, it’s common to think that you’re looking at the same thing. In a way, you are. They are extremely similar with one major difference. It’s that difference that affects the room that they work best in.

It’s All About the Sheer Material

The big difference between the two is the material. Both solar shades and roller shades in Santa Barbara are one large piece of material. They’re put on a roller system and you usually pull a cord up and down to open and close. They’re easy to use and are affordable for all.

Because the material blocks the whole window, it could be seen has being disadvantageous in the conservatory or a room where you want to let in plenty of light. This is where the sheer material comes into play.

A solar shade is designed to let as much light as possible into a room. It’s perfect for the conservatory because the sheer material reduces the glare but allows in plenty of light. You’ll be able to keep the heat rising to a minimum because the sheer material prevents the UV rays getting in without blocking all the light.

Meanwhile, roller shades in Santa Barbara tend to be a thicker type of material. They don’t let as much light in, creating a darkening effect. You can also get blackout roller shades, which are perfect for the bedroom.

Dual-Light Roller Shades in Santa Barbara

It’s now possible to get both roller and solar shades in one. These are known as dual-light shades and are becoming extremely popular. However, they are more expensive than the singular types of shades, which could work against your budget.

From the front, you can close one part of the blind. This is a sheer material, working similar to a solar shade. The material will prevent the glare and UV rays, while still allowing light in.

At the back, there’s a roller shade. This thicker material will block the light. They can be highly effective for the conservatory and other rooms you like the light during the day. The sheer material doesn’t offer privacy on a night, so the roller shade behind will help create that sense of privacy and security in the room. You get the best of both worlds in every room in the home.

The dual-light roller shades in Santa Barbara still come in a range of colors and patterns. You can easily fit them into your décor. They may take a little longer to clean and maintain, but you gain all the benefits of combining solar and roller shades.

Which type of shade will you choose for your home? This will depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments. Now you don’t have to choose, though. With the dual-light roller shades in Santa Barbara, you can make the most of your window treatments. Get one type of shade for every single room in the home without sacrificing light or privacy.