3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Shades in Santa Barbara

There are many types of outdoor shades in Santa Barbara available that it can become a minefield when choosing your options. Do you pick the beautiful solar shade-like blinds that you’ve seen or opt for something that seems more durable?

It’s hard to predict the weather that times and that isn’t the only factor for choosing the perfect shades for your patio needs. Here are three tips to help you get the best options.

Know How Much Light You Want to Let In

Like interior blinds, your exterior options will come with a range of lighting choices. You can allow in the light without the glare or you can completely block out all light from the area. It’s going to depend on when you use your patio and why.

If you want to give your children a safe place to play and a space for you to relax in the sun without the harmful UV rays, you’re going to want outdoor shades in Santa Barbara that allow light in without the glare. If you need something that offers more storm protection for your space, then you’re going to want to consider blocking out all the light.

You’re not just affecting your patio. Some outdoor blinds are designed to be like exterior shutters. They sit on the outside of your home, covering just the windows. You may want sheer shades that will allow the light in and act more like a bug or UV-protection screen.

Know the Interior Design for Outdoor Shades in Santa Barbara

Outdoor blinds offer benefits for the interior design of your home. After all, you’ll see the blinds when they’re closed over your windows. You need to be happy with the material and color from the inside of your home.

Likewise, you will need to consider the curb appeal. Make sure all your blinds are the same color and style to make them look uniform. From there, you can decide on the color and appearance that you’ll be happy looking at when the blinds are in use.

Consider a Zipper Track System

While the exterior shades are excellent for blocking out the light, some can be problematic for letting bugs in. They’re not quite like screen doors because of the gaps between the edges of the blinds and the sides of your window. That is unless you look at motorized or zipper track systems.

Motorized are self-explanatory. Zipper track systems have a zipper on the edges, so you can completely close the outdoor shades in Santa Barbara. Think of them like that screen in a tent, so you can keep the door open but not allow the flies and other bugs into your tent. You can keep the windows open while the shades are down but the bugs won’t get into your home.

There certainly are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor window coverings. You can get shades and blinds in all sorts of styles and offering all types of benefits. Know what you want to gain from your window coverings so you can find outdoor shades in Santa Barbara that definitely work for you.