Cellular Shades vs. Honeycomb Shades in Santa Barbara: Is There Really a Difference?

You’ve likely heard of the term cellular shades. Then you’ll hear of Santa Barbara honeycomb shades. The two types look exactly the same, so is there really a difference? The short answer is no. Both of the types of shades are the exact same, with interchangeable names. So what’s the point?

Cellular vs. Honeycomb

The two names come from the look of the shades. Cellular shades get their name from the way the gaps look like cells between the two layers of fabric. These cells are the space that the air is trapped to offer more than just lighting benefits. Meanwhile, the cells can also look like honeycombs, which is where the second name of the shades comes from.

The type of shades that aren’t the same are pleated shades. These are just one layer of material that zig-zags. You don’t get the gaps between the two layers, meaning fewer heating benefits. Pleated shades are more for design purposes than practical ones.

Impossible to Rank Honeycomb Shades in Santa Barbara

Unlike many other types of shades, it’s impossible to test honeycomb/cellular shades. This means companies are unable to rank them for their benefits. There’s no way for a company to legitimately say whether one type of shade is better than another.

However, educated guess can be made on some of the shades. Not all are made with the same type of fabric. In some cases, multiple layers of fabric are used together to create the cells. These extra layers will make thicker fabric, which will naturally help to make the shades more durable and heating benefit-friendly.

Heat Trapped in the Honeycombs

Santa Barbara honeycomb shades work by trapping the air into the honeycombs. Whichever way the heat is moving, most of it will be redirected around the honeycomb and then back the way it came. During the winter and summer this means some major benefits to your utility bills.

In the winter, the heat from the house will escape through the window. The honeycomb shades will capture the air and circulate it back into the house. You’ll find the need to have the heating on less, while still keeping warm in the home. During the summer, the heat comes from the outside into the home, but can be circulated back through the window or at least trapped between window and shade to prevent the overuse of the air con.

There are also lighting and privacy benefits, as well as décor benefits.

Cellular Shades Remain Popular in Homes

One of the great benefits of honeycomb shades in Santa Barbara is the cost. They remain affordable for all, which means they are extremely popular for covering the windows. It’s possible to get excellent benefits without spending a fortune on dressing the windows. You can also double up with curtains or drapes to add more benefits.

In short, Santa Barbara honeycomb shades and cellular shades are the same. They offer a range of benefits, making them worthwhile considering for your home.