Caring for Roller Shades in Summerland

You’ve decided on roller shades for your Summerland home. They are easy to install and convenient to use. While they are also easy to maintain, you will need to do some work to ensure they last the years to come. This is especially the case if you have children. Here’s a look at the best tips for caring for Summerland roller shades.

Shake Gently on a Morning 

Dust can collect within the shades when you roll them up. Every morning, before putting them away, make sure you give the blinds a little shake. You only need to do this gently. This will help to avoid pits to form within the material where the dust remains lodged for days, weeks, and even months. 

You could go one step further than this. Get the vacuum out with the upholstery attachment and run it gently on your roller shades in Summerland. Ask someone to help by holding the shade out, so you can get through all your shades quickly. While you may not want to do this every morning, opt for it at least once a week for good maintenance. 

Use a Good Stain Repellant 

Roller shades are usually made with a fabric material. This can be stained very easily, especially from the sun’s rays coming through the window or from any smoke in the home. To avoid the staining, make sure you invest in a good quality stain repellant. Apply it across the whole shade material before you install each one in your home. This will allow you to get from bottom to top, even if your window isn’t large enough for the whole shade to roll out. 

You will want to reapply the repellant every now and then. Look at the instructions on the bottle for the time between applications. 

Clean with Soapy Water 

Every few months, you’ll want to do a slightly deeper clean. There’s no need for harsh chemicals. Just grab a bowl of warm soapy water and wipe down with a soft sponge. Harsh treatments will just damage the material. 

After you’ve washed down the Summerland roller shades, you will be able to apply the stain repellant again. You will want to time the cleaning with the new layer of repellant application to avoid too much time taking down and reinstalling the blinds. 

Avoid Being Close to Heating Sources 

Most people will have their central heating underneath their windows. You want to keep your blinds as far away from the heating as possible. Make sure they don’t sit less than six inches away. 

The heat can cause a variety of problems for your roller shades in Summerland. If your heating is steam, you can cause moisture to collect within the material and cause mold or bacteria growth. When you have electric or gas, you can cause warping or discoloration of the material. The heat will damage the fibres, so the shades won’t last as long as they should. 

Roller shades in Summerland are relatively easy to maintain. You will just need to take the above steps to make sure you help your blinds last and become the cost effective option for your home.