Can Blackout Shades in Santa Barbara Help You Survive the Summer Heat Wave?

The summer heat wave is here and now it’s time to look for ways to survive it in your home. You may not want to use air conditioning all the time or not live in a place with air conditioning yet. That means you’re relying on your window treatments. Santa Barbara blackout shades could be perfect for your needs and here’s how.

Opting for UV Reflecting Options

Just because they’re called blackout shades in Santa Barbara doesn’t mean you need to get black shades. Gone are the days where only dark shades work to block out all light. Now it’s about the thickness of the material and even the type of material you buy. It is possible to get lighter shades and colors, which will offer the reflection benefits.

The blackout shades won’t just block out the light. They block out the UV rays coming in, which are the reasons for the heat to increase in a room. The rays will also cause damage to walls and furniture, so by reflecting the rays, you will offer extra protection in the home.

While darker shades can help to block the rays from coming in, they don’t actually reflect the rays. The shades will absorb them and that means the heat will gradually rise. While darker blackout shades in Santa Barbara can help to minimize the amount the rays come in, they don’t stop them completely and can store the rays instead. Plus, your darker shades are more likely to suffer from the UV damage quicker.

Block Out All the Light

The downside of Santa Barbara blackout shades is that you’ll block out all the light. For some rooms, this can definitely be beneficial. If you have a room where the children sleep or a den, you may want to create a darker effect to make it easier to sleep. Artificial lights can always help to light up the room or you may find it easier to see the TV or games consoles.

But what if you want the natural light? Just because you want to stop the heat coming in doesn’t mean you want to block all the light coming in. This is where room darkening blinds are better than complete blackout blinds. You can even get solar shades that will reduce glare and UV but help to keep the room naturally light.

Slat Blinds for Better Effect

If you want a total blackout effect at times but other times want to allow light in, slat blinds could work better. Whether you get Venetian, Persian, or even vertical, you get more control over the direction of the rays. You can even use a net curtain or lining to help further reduce the rays coming in to protect your room from UV damage. When closed, they become blackout shades in Santa Barbara.

You certainly can survive the heat wave with a set of Santa Barbara blackout shades. You’ll just need to decide whether you want a full blackout effect every day or not.