Aftercare Tips for Your Wooden Shutters in Summerland

Regular cleaning and care is important for any type of window treatment that you get. Wooden shutters in Summerland will need routine aftercare, whether you have internal or external coverings. It doesn’t matter if your shutters are practical or just decorative, you want them to look their best at all times.

The aftercare tips are extremely easy to follow. You’ll just want to set a schedule and stick to it for the best results. Here are four tips for good aftercare of your wooden shutters.

Consider Ostrich Feather or Lambs’ Wool Dusters

You’ll need to dust your shutters in Summerland routinely. This is best done at least once a week but once every couple of days is ideal. Look out for ostrich feather or lambs’ wool dusters. They are, by far, the best options for the material of your shutters.

These types of shutters easily get between the slats. They help to flick the dust away, instead of just spreading it around. Dust with a downward stroke with the slats tilted slightly downward to get into the gaps easily.

You can then vacuum or sweep away the debris that falls onto the floor. This prevents the dust from flying back up at a later date.

Wipe Down with a Damp Cloth

Now that you’ve cleaned your shutters in Summerland with your dry cloth, it’s time to wash down with a damp one. This helps to get rid of any grime and debris that may have collected.

The frequency for this will depend on the room. A kitchen will need a more frequent clean because of the collection of oil and grease from cooking. Meanwhile, a living room or bedroom can usually get away with a clean once a week.

You won’t want to get outside daily for your exterior shutters. Decide on a day once a week to clean them.

Clean the Whole Window

Don’t just focus on the shutters in Summerland. You’ll want to clean the whole window to avoid any of the dirt or dust dropping from the window frame and onto the shutters. Get a damp cloth and run down the frames and even on the glass.

Never spray anything directly onto the shutters or the wood work as this could damage and leave splotches. You only need to use warm soapy water but if you do use a spray treatment, apply to the duster and then use.

Wipe Away the Streaks on Shutters in Summerland

Finally, it’s time to get rid of the streaks that do appear. Whenever you use water, you’re going to find that the streaks appear, but you can take one final aftercare tip for the best results.

Use a dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces. Avoid letting the water on the surface dry before doing this step as you could find you’re making the streaks worse!

Aftercare will help to keep your shutters in Summerland looking beautiful and as new. This won’t just make you proud but you could help to boost the value of your home because they look like you’ve just installed them.