4 Things You Need to Know About Cellular Shades in Santa Barbara Before Buying

Before you buy any type of window covering, you need to know it’s the right option for you. Cellular shades in Santa Barbara certainly have plenty of benefits but there are also downsides. They’re not perfect for all but can be cost-effective for many.

Rather than just buying and hoping for the best, make sure you know as much as possible about cell shades, also known as honeycomb shades. Here are four things you need to know before you buy.

They’re Made from Soft Material

If you want hard, durable material, then cellular shades in Santa Barbara aren’t for you. These types of window treatments are usually made from soft materials, such as cloth and soft paper.

This can be off-putting if you have children or pets. After all, they don’t tend to be kind to the window coverings in your home! However, the material is still durable. It’s bonded with synthetic materials that will help ensure it lasts and is worth the money. In fact, honeycomb shades can often be considered the best for families because of the safety benefits.

Most Are Made Cordless

A major benefit of cellular shades is that they’re cordless. You usually get them installed with a frame in the window to slide up and down. When you have children, this helps to get rid of the risk of getting tangled in the cords.

Because of the in-frame setting, cell shades can also offer a top-down and bottom-up design. You get more practical benefits from the cordless feature.

Cellular Shades in Santa Barbara Offer Temperature Control

While there are plenty of window treatments that will help to control the temperature in the home, they tend to cost the most. You’re looking at faux wood blinds or shutters, and they’re not suitable for all budgets. This is where cellular shades offer some of the most benefits.

 Unlike roller shades, solar shades, and other fabric window coverings, honeycomb shades can help to control the temperature in the room. While made of soft material, the shades have a honeycomb design (which is where they get their name from) that helps to circulate the heat back the way it came.

You save money upfront, while also saving money in the long term. And the soft material offers light filtering benefits, so you can save on the air conditioning during the day without cutting out all the light.

Practical for Almost All Rooms

You can use cellular shades in Santa Barbara in the majority of rooms in your home. They allow to reduce glare without light, making them popular for living rooms and dining rooms. There are some room darkening and even blackout options for the bedroom.

The only rooms you may want to consider other window treatments are the bathroom and the kitchen because of the material. The grease in the kitchen can clog in the material, while water from the bathroom with end up holding in the fabric and causing mold growth.

Cellular shades in Santa Barbara are certainly worth the consideration. They can be beautiful additions for the home, but look at the downsides to make sure they’re right for you.