4 Surprising Uses for Plantation Shutters in Goleta

Plantation shutters in Goleta are traditionally placed over windows. They offer heating, lighting, and privacy benefits among many others. While they are among the most expensive types of window treatments, they are also the most financially beneficial and versatile options.

They aren’t just good for your windows. Here are four surprising uses for your plantation shutters.

Covers for Your Sliding Doors

One of the hardest types of doors and windows in the home to cover is a sliding one. You need to get something that moves in the same direction as the sliding element, so you get full use of the doors or windows. Doors are the biggest issue because of the size. While you want to let the light in, you also want to gain privacy.

Plantation shutters in Goleta are perfect. They can be placed on hinges, allowing you to open them in the exact same direction as the sliding door. Because they are custom-made, you get something that fits the doorway perfectly and offers full protection.

Get Your Own Room Dividers

Want to partition off part of a room? Consider room dividers. You’ll find that shutters are among the most popular options. They’re sturdy and act very much like doors. Plus, you can have them stand alone or fit them onto a running in your ceiling and flooring to make a more permanent partition.

Because of the door-like nature of plantation shutters in Goleta, you’ll get more privacy with them as a room division. They are also decorative and help to create a sense of a wall unlike a curtain.

Make Closet Doors with Plantation Shutters in Goleta

A walk-in closet is normal but sometimes it’s just a gap in the wall. This doesn’t have a doorway so your clothes are always on show. While many will hang curtains up, you can also create the sense of an actual walk-in closet. Plantation shutters work well as doors.

You can get real wood or faux wood shutters. Paint them whatever color you want and add a handle. Place them on a runner with a hingesimilar to the way you’d cover sliding doors and you have your own closet door.

This can also work for a nursery door. Many people will turn their walk-in closet into a nursery and the closet door will create a divided space that’s easy to move in and out.

Cover Odd-Shaped Windows

Plantation shutters in Goleta are custom-made, which makes them the perfect option for your oddly shaped windows. Whether you have oval, circular, or event triangle windows, there is something for all. You can get beautiful treatments that will work just like window treatments for normal-shaped windows.

The shutters are often far cheaper than other types of window treatments. They’re designed to specifically fit and you don’t have the issue of runners and positioning.

Plantation shutters in Goleta aren’t just for your normal windows. They become some of the most beneficial treatments for various parts of your home. It’s time to consider them for your room needs.