4 Important Considerations Before Buying Drapes in Summerland

Before you jump out and buy your Summerland drapes, you’ll need to make sure they completely work for your home. It’s essential that they fit the windows perfectly and offer the exact style you want. Here are four important considerations to help you get the perfect draperies for your home.

Consider the Fabric

Don’t just buy any type of drapes you find. The fabric of your drapes in Summerland will affect their longevity. It’s the fabric that withholds against the sun damage and will affect the functioning of your window coverings.

Thick and dark fabrics can succumb to sun rot far quicker than lighter, brighter ones. The darkness of the material will draw in the light and withhold the UV rays, while the rays will bounce off the lighter options. Silk and satin are more likely to degrade quickly, unless you add a liner to the material.

Consider the Coloring

The colors won’t just affect the length of time your Summerland drapes will hold off the sun rot. You’ll also need to think about the discoloration over time. Darker colors will fade much more than lighter ones and the fading isn’t always going to be even. The sections that experience more light and heat will see more fading.

You can end up with an uneven mess, unless you’re able to care and maintain the drapes. By opting for lighter shades, you can minimize the discoloration look.

However, brighter colors will also fade much faster than slightly duller colors. Opt for lighter, peach and pastel colors for the best results. At the same time, you’ll make the room look larger with extra light passing around.

Consider the Length

Drapes in Summerland are traditionally longer than curtains. The main option is for them to reach the floor, sometimes dragging along gently. This is great, as long as you don’t have a heater in the way. The heater doesn’t just cause a fire risk but can also damage your drapes. You’ll want to look at setting the drapes a little higher, just so they hang over the heater instead.

Alternatively, you can opt for curtain-length drapes. Measure your window to around the midpoint between the bottom of your window and your floor. This will help the drapes sit beautifully and not attract the wrong attention. Don’t forget to measure from wherever you’re hanging the drapes from above your window!

Consider the Washing Options

You can get drapes in all types of materials. This isn’t just great for managing longevity, but also for managing your washing options. Some materials are only good for dry cleaning. If you put them in the washing machine, you run the risk of drying them.

The good news about drapes is they don’t need a lot of maintenance. You’d be able to get away with washing them infrequently, but do you really want to go to the dry cleaners when you do? Check the washing labels before you buy to make sure they’re easy enough for you to maintain.

It’s time to consider all your options. With the four above tips, you’ll find a set of Summerland drapes that do exactly what you need and are well worth the cost.