4 Colors You Didn’t Realize You Could Get for Blackout Shades in Santa Barbara

One of the reasons some people don’t get blackout shades in Santa Barbara is because of the belief that you’re stuck with dark colors. Once upon a time, that was certainly the case. However, blackout shades have come a long way since then. You can now get them in various colors.

 Not sure if they’re going to be for you? Here are four colors you didn’t realize you could get blackout shade sin.

 White for the Neutral Look

 Want to get a neutral look and still have the blackout effect? Chances are that you thought white was off limits. Well, that is certainly not the case. You can now get blackout shades in Santa Barbara in a white color.

 Sometimes it will be off-white. And you can also get it with some vine work or other patterns. There are also dual shades, so you get a white solar shade and a roller blackout shade as the second layer. Either way, you get a neutral color that will work with absolutely any décor you choose.

 Yellow for the Nursery

 Yellow is a beautiful color for a window treatment, especially light or sunny yellow. The color will immediately put a smile on your face. You will need to make sure the color remains clean but it’s something to consider.

 But can you get yellow blackout shades in Santa Barbara? You certainly can and they are the best option for your nursery. There’sno need to worry about the gender of your baby – none of this pink or blue faff – and you get something that will help them sleep while keeping the room bright during the day.

 Pastel Colors for Blackout Shades in Santa Barbara

 This is more of a collection of colors than one single one. Pastel colors are popular for the summer months, but you can think you’ll lose the ability to block out all the light. That’s not the case.

 Because of the material, you can choose all sorts of pastel colors. We’ve already mentioned yellow, but you can also choose pastel pink, blue, orange, purple, and much more. There is something for all décor and style needs. If you do want to go pink or blue for the nursery, this is perfect to keep the blackout effect when necessary.

 Anything with a Child’s Pattern

 Blackout shades in Santa Barbara are often needed for a child’s bedroom. You want to make it easy to fall asleep on a bright summer evening or sleep in longer on the lighter mornings. At the same time, you want the blind to offer something your kids love, whether they’re a Marvel fan, a Disney character lover, or just want a pattern!

 You can get blackout shades in all sorts of patterns and styles. It’s also possible to get them custom made depending on your exact needs. And yes, this is more style than color, but you still probably didn’t consider it!

 You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality or functionality for color. Blackout shades in Santa Barbara come in a variety of looks to suit your exact needs.