Why Get Drapes with Valance in San Clemente?

There are so many window covering options. While you will initially think of the lightning and heating benefits, you’ll later need to think of the décor benefits of some window treatments. This is where drapes with valance in San Clemente will become a consideration.

 What Is a Valance?

Before you look at the reasons to get drapes with a valance, you need to know what the valance is. This is the covering at the top of your windows, usually sitting over the top of the rods for your curtains or drapes. The material matches the material of the curtains/drapes and it doesn’t get in the way of the windows.

 There are no lighting and heating benefits to using drapes with valance in Sam Clemente. It’s all about the décor benefits and here are the top reasons to choose them.

 You’ll Cover up the Rods

 While you need curtain poles or rods for your drapes, you don’t necessarily want them on show. This is often the case with the rods that sit within the window frames, held up through tension. The rods can look unsightly for some, and you have that issue of seeing the hooks for the drapes.

 Getting drapes with a valance, you cover up the unsightly rods. There’s this ability to make it look like your drapes have always belonged around the windows. Whether you have tension rods within the frame or rods screwed into the wall above, you’ll have a beautiful look.

 The Seamless Look of Drapes with Valance in San Clemente

 Another major benefit is the seamless look. Not only do you get rid of the rods, but you get rid of the sight of the hooks for the curtains or drapes. You lose that break between drape and wall.

 The valance matches the curtains, often blending in beautifully. You get this movement from curtain/drapes to the wall, without the barrier of the rod in the way. There’s no distraction from the material to the paint colors.

 Whether your walls and drapes match or they’re designed to stand to oppose each other, you gain the décor you want with a valance easily.

 You Cover Up the Window Frames

 Not everyone wants to show the wood of the window frames. The patterns etched into the wood may not be to your liking or there may be some damage. Either way, you don’t need to worry with drapes with valance in Sam Clemente.

 The material of the valance hands over the top of the window frame. This benefit works best when you have drapes that hang outside of the frame. Not only do you cover the top of the window with the valance, but the drapes will cover the side when allowed to hang freely once opened.

 Think about your options when you get a set of drapes or curtains. Drapes with valance in San Clemente are beautiful options for your window treatments. While you don’t get practical benefits, you will get décor benefits you don’t want to overlook.