What Are Banded Shades in San Clemente and How Do They Work in Your Home?

There are plenty of types of shades available. You may have heard of banded shades in San Clemente mentioned. What many people won’t tell you is what they are or how they work and help in your home. It’s time to determine whether these are the right types of window treatments for your needs.

 What Are Banded Shades?

 Banded Shades are somewhat self explanatory. They have bands across the material, which is where the name comes from. They are a mixture of normal roller shades and solar shades but can also have a cellular shade style in terms of opening and closing mechanism.

 Banded shades in San Clemente fit across the whole window. They cover up the space but that doesn’t mean blocking out the light. There’s a band of cover followed by a band of solar shade and then a band of color. These two bands alternate to the bottom of the shade.

 How do they benefit your home? You’ll get a mixture of roller shade and solar shade and here’s why you should consider them for your home.

 Banded Shades in San Clemente for Light Filtering

 The biggest benefit of getting this type of shade is for the light filtering. You have bands of material that can completely block out the light. However, in between are bands of solar shades, which allow the light in without the glare. On a bright sunny day, you can keep the light but avoid all glare.

 You can manage the light much better than just a set of solar shades. You’ll get strips of light, helping to make some rooms more comfortable to sit in. They can be perfect for larger windows.

 Better Privacy Options

 Solar shades have the downside of no privacy on a night. The light shining from the inside of the home will make it possible for people to see in with ease. Banded shades in San Clemente help to deal with that.

 The opaque material will help to add a layer of privacy. It’s harder to see through the slats of solar shades. These shades are a little more like venetian blinds in this sense but they’re perfect for smaller budgets.

 Easy to Work with Décor

 Because of the fabric material, banded shades are much easier to work in any décor. Like solar shades and roller shades, you can get different colors and patterns. It’s possible to add your personality into your window treatments.

 Many people will opt for white shades. This just tends to be the easiest to work with any décor in the home. However, you can choose bold colors, opt for alternating colors, or even choose other neutral colors depending on the look you want to achieve. There is literally something for everybody.

 You may never have considered banded shades in San Clemente before, but you’ll want to think about them. They can offer a range of benefits, adding two types of window treatments together without spending extra. Could they work for your home and décor needs?