Three Types of Skylight Blinds in San Clemente to Consider for Your Home

A skylight is a beautiful addition in a home and allows more light. However, the windows are notoriously difficult to get a set of blinds for. You can’t just choose any type of window treatment and cover up the window. You need to look for skylight blinds in San Clemente.

 You will be better getting a set of motorized blinds for your skylight. While this type of blind is more expensive than others and will take time to install, they are the most practical and beneficial in the long term. You also get a range of choices. Here are three types of motorized skylight blinds to think about getting for your home.

 Keep It Simple with Roller Blinds

 Sometimes, you just want to keep things as simple as possible. Why not get a set of roller skylight blinds in San Clemente for your home? They are among the cheapest options because they’re so easy to make. The fabric material helps to keep the cost down.

 You can also get a set of roller shades with a vinyl material. This can offer more blackout effects and heating benefits. After all, this skylight will cause heat loss in the winter, so you want something that is thick and helps to prevent that heat from escaping through the higher window.

 Opt for Cellular Shades for Your Skylight Blinds in San Clemente

 Instead of a standard roller shade, you could always look at cellular shades for your window. These are easily motorized and will offer a range of benefits.

 While the best roller shades for cutting down on heat loss causes a blackout effect, you don’t get that with a set of cellular shades. You’ll be able to filter the light or just darken the room, while still getting the most out of your window treatments.

 Like with standard cell shades, it’s all about the honeycomb set up. The shades will circulate the heat back into the room, so you keep the heat on the right side of the window. However, you don’t plunge yourself in darkness in the middle of the day.

 Add Solar Shades for More Light 

If it’s not the heat that you’re worried about, it will likely be the light. You want to allow the light into the room without all the glare. This is where solar shades are worth considering you for skylight blinds in San Clemente.

 The solar shade will allow the light to shine through while keeping the UV rays out. You manage to reduce the heat in the summer while getting rid of the glare that can be distracting. You also get the sense of covering up the window, offering a sort of placebo effect on the heat.

 You can get a dual shade if you’d like. One layer is the solar element, and another is the roller shade to block out all light and prevent heat loss when you need it. 

Think about what you want to gain from your skylight throughout the day and night. This will help you determine the best skylight blinds in San Clemente for your home.