Will Plantation Shutters in Graham Make Your Home Look Old?

There’s a common misconception that using window treatments from the past will make your home look old. This is especially the case with plantation shutters in Graham. The truth couldn’t be further from the idea. Your home can look contemporary and bright, as long as you follow these top tips.

Work with Faux Wood

While it’s tempting to go for real wood shutters, you want to opt for faux wood. The material is easier to manipulate into different styles and you can paint it different colors easily. Yes, it is possible to pain wood, but the vinyl cover is smoother, making it easier to take on the paint and the colors. The paint won’t soak into the material.

Real wooden plantation shutters in Graham can also give the appearance of earlier time periods. You’ll get that rustic cabin feel, which can make you think of the colonial periods, dating your home quickly.

Choose Bright, Modern Colors

Again, this comes down to the fact that a real wood look will give the appearance of the past. When you choose white, cream, or other modern colors, you immediately bring a sense of the current day into your home. You can also find it easier to keep the light shining into the home.

There’s no need to paint your own plantation shutters. Order them in a color that works for your home. White is the easiest to work with other types of décor.

Darker colors will always bring a sense of the past. Even if you choose painted dark colors instead of real wood colors, you’ll create a darker space and add a layer of the old in. Look out for brighter, lighter colors.

Make Sure Your Plantation Shutters in Graham Match the Décor

You can have the most modern appearing shutters, but it also comes down to the décor. You’ll need to think about the rest of the furniture in the home. It’s not usually the window treatments that date your home but the other décor.

Look out for varnishing the woodwork. Avoid the dark oak wood around the home. Keep your whole appearance modern to continue the look throughout.

Watch Out for Other Window Treatments

It’s common to add other window coverings to the plantation shutters in Graham. This is a good way of adding another layer making it possible to texture your windows. It’s also a good way to create another barrier to gain more heating and cooling benefits. However, the wrong double layer can make your home look old.

Watch out for the use of heavy drapes. They’re the most common problem for making window décor looking older than it needs to be. Dark drapes can also be a problem. If you really want to double up and keep the modern look, use lighter drapes or curtains. Linen or cotton are excellent options.

Plantation shutters in Graham can be a beautiful addition to the home and keep the contemporary look. You just need to make sure you choose the right type of plantation shutter for your need.