Why Roller Shades in Puyallup Are Perfect for Your Rented Room

If you’re renting a room in a shared house, you’ll want something cheap but effective for your windows. After all, you still want privacy, but you don’t want something that will set you back a fortune when you’re not staying in a house permanently. So, what options do you have? Puyallup roller shades can be the perfect option and here are four reasons why.

#1. They’re the Cheapest Option Around

Simple roller shades are among the cheapest options when it comes to window treatments. They’re extremely easy to make and are created in bulk. You’ll find them in the majority of stores, both home stores and even grocery stores with a home department. You can just quickly pick up the shades and be on your way.

The only thing you’ll want to look at spending a little extra on with roller shades in Puyallup is getting one without the cord. This helps to protect any children in your room or any pets you may have. You’ll also find them easier to use in the long term, since you don’t need to worry about broken cords.

#2. They Come in a Range of Styles and Colors

Don’t worry about making your shades fit the décor. You likely won’t have much choice about the color of the wallpaper or paint, so you’ll want to make your shades work with the colors already there. Most of the walls will be neutral colors and you can continue that with your shades.

If you want to add more personality, you certainly can easily. You can get roller shades in Puyallup in a range of colors and styles to work with your design needs. Plus, your landlord can’t say anything about loud colors, since they’re going to move with you!

#3. Fitting All Windows Is Easy

As long as your windows are a standard shape and size, you’ll find roller shades fit in easily. There’s no need to spend a fortune on custom made options, like you would with some blinds or with shutters. This helps to keep the cost to a minimum when you’re moving into a rented room.

There are different types of roller shades. Many will come with a standard bar and holder that you screw into the wall. Others can be pressure bars, so you wide the bars as much as possible within the window frame. The latter causes very little damage to the windows, which will help you keep more of your security deposit when you move.

#4. They’re Easy to Install

There’s no need to get a professional in for your Puyallup roller shades. They are the types of shades absolutely anyone can install, helping you to save further money with your window treatments. If you can’t do it because of a disability, you’ll be able to call a friend or family member to help instead. You don’t need specialist equipment or tools to get the shades in place.

It’s time to Puyallup roller shades for your rented room. They are the most beneficial when you don’t want to spend a fortune.