Why Consider Cordless Blinds in Tacoma if You Have Pets

You’ll hear people telling you to consider cordless blinds in Tacoma if you have children. They are, by far, the safest options for families. But what about if you have pets? Cordless features can be the best options and not just because they’re safe. Here are four reasons you need to think about the cordless options in your home.

They Do Prevent Accidents

Okay, so the biggest benefit of cordless blinds in Tacoma is the lack of cord. Like children, pets won’t always realize the dangers of getting tangled up in cords. They start to panic and this can lead to them getting tangled up more.

Pets are at the risk of losing limbs or suffering permanent damage, if not accidental death, in the cords. So, the best thing is just get rid of the cord completely.

Cordless Blinds in Tacoma Stay Out of the Way

If you have a nervous puppy, you may find that he tries to get out of the house through the window. A stressed kitty can hang out on the windowsill, waiting for you to get back home. A lot of the time, animals start chewing at things due to stress. It’s a normal reaction but it leads to damage on things like your books, throws, and blinds.

When you get cordless blinds, it’s easier to keep them out of the way. Once your blinds are open, there’s no cord hanging down that can encourage animals to climb. Out of sight, out of mind.

They Come in a Variety of Styles

Another major benefit of cordless blinds is the styles that you can get. You can get roller or solar blinds, cellular shades, and even some venetian blinds with a cordless feature. There’s no need to worry about fitting with your current décor. You don’t feel like you’re sacrificing style for your pet.

The benefit of different styles is that you can find something that works for your pets’ needs as well as your own. If they’ve shown difficulty in dealing with venetian blinds in the way, you can look out for cellular shades to keep them out of the way, for example. You can also find colors that work for your pets better.

You Can Motorize Them

A brilliant benefit of cordless blinds in Tacoma is the ability to motorize them. You can connect them to a remote or even to your smart phone, meaning you get more use out of your blinds without moving around the house.

If you forget to open the blinds on your way out of the house, there’s no need to worry. You can click a button on your smart phone and know the material will be out of the sight of your pets. Need to close them before you get home? That option is also there. Your pet can remain safe and calm at home when you’re not there.

It’s time to protect your home and your pet. Look out for cordless blinds in Tacoma for something practical and beneficial.