Types of Cellular Blinds in Puyallup for Your Home

When you decide on getting Puyallup cellular blinds, you will find that there are still more choices to be made. This is more than just choosing colors or patterns. You’ll need to look at the types of cellular blinds to make sure you have the best options for your home. Here’s a look at the main types you’ll want to choose between.

Blackout Cellular Blinds

One of the most popular options is a blackout cellular blind or two, especially for the bedroom. These tend to come with thicker layers of material, ensuring complete darkness in the home. Blackout blinds are perfect for those who struggle to sleep due to light shining through the windows, whether struggling with the brighter nights and mornings in the summer or because of headlights during the night.

If you don’t want completely black, you can also get cellular blinds in Puyallup that offer a darkening effect. You will still get some light shining through, but only enough so you can see your way through the room. This can be the perfect option for those who need darkness on a night, but prefer a little brightness on a morning to wake up easily.

There’s no need to sacrifice on color. The material is thick enough to create the darkening or blackout effect, so you get to choose any style or color you want.

Thermal Cellular Blinds

Blinds don’t just help you control the amount of light in your home. They can also help to control the heating levels. With the right blinds, you can prevent heat in the home escaping through the window, allowing you to use less heating throughout the window and less air con throughout the summer. Puyallup cellular blinds can be perfect, especially when you get the thermal options.

These thermal ones are thicker. They can be in any color, but they have extra layers of material, usually two or three. The heat is trapped easier in the cells, pushing the heat back in the right direction, depending on the season.

Extra Privacy Through Blinds

You will also get privacy through the use of blinds, so you’ll want to make sure you get the right type. This, again, is all about the thickness. The thicker your material, the more privacy you get from prying eyes. People outside won’t be able to see light from inside and won’t be able to see movements and silhouettes.

Like with blackout cellular blinds in Puyallup, you can still opt for brighter colors. However, lighter colors tend to create silhouettes easier than the darker ones.

Before you start looking at Puyallup cellular blinds for your home, know what you want to gain from then. There are different benefits and they rely on different types of blinds. Thicker options will cost more money upfront, but save you more in the long run.