Top Tips to Order Custom Window Coverings in Puyallup

Custom-made treatments for your home help to bring out your personality and ensure you work with your window’s size and shape. When ordering custom Puyallup window coverings, you’ll need to make sure you take a few steps to get the right style and options before they’re made. Once made, companies aren’t going to give a refund unless there’s a defect that is their fault or a manufacturing problem. Here are the three top tips for ordering your custom-made treatments for the home.

Get the Measurements Right

Always double check where you need to take the measurements from and take the time to get these just right. There’s nothing worse than getting custom treatments that don’t end up fitting the frame. Whether too big or small, they lead to downsides that you should be able to avoid. The companies that make the custom window coverings in Puyallup will always have guides to help measure everything depending on the type of treatment you want.

Knowing the type of blind, shade, or shutter you want is essential. This will affect where the treatments are placed, the type of depth needed, and the measurements needed. If you’re not sure on this yet, you’ll want to discuss the pros and cons of each type with the manufacturer and take a look at the different styles.

If you have odd shaped windows, talk to the company directly about measurements to make sure they’re right.

Don’t Put Price First

When you start looking at your options for window coverings in Puyallup, start without the budget in mind. Custom-made treatments will always have a price range linked to sizes, materials, and time to create. There is a chance you can get the style you want without going over budget.

You want something that looks good in your home; something that speaks volumes when you’re in a room. The last thing you want is to feel held back because you’re sure something will go over budget. If your dream coverings go over budget, consider getting something temporary to save up a little longer. It will be worth it in the long run!

Putting price first limits your options and it shouldn’t. You also run the risk of looking at low-quality options.

Know the Material Pros and Cons

Always look into the pros and cons of the material options available. The material will affect the durability in the UV rays and heat, the look and style in the long-term, and the heating and cooling benefits you’ll gain. If you’re not sure whether one type of material is better than another, you can always get in touch. The companies will share the pros and cons of all materials.

The type of material will depend on the type of window coverings in Puyallup. Make sure you know this before you start looking.

Are you ready for custom Puyallup window coverings? Start off on the right foot and you’ll have treatments within budget and be offering all the benefits you want.