The Most Child Safe Blinds in Puyallup for Your Home

Getting window treatments for your home is more than just getting something to control light. You want to control heat, offer more privacy, and make your home safe for children. This means choosing the right type of blinds for your home. Here’s a look at options for Puyallup child safe blinds to make sure your home is perfect for all.

Any Blinds that Are Cordless

The best way to keep your blinds completely child-friendly is to opt for those that have cordless features. Because there have been so many problems in recent years, many companies have opted to only make cordless features. These are on roller shades, roman shades and solar shades.

When it comes to blinds, it can be a little harder. They cost more to make, especially for venetian blinds, as the system needs to allow you to use the slats effectively, as you would with the cords. This can mean spending more, but it’s worth it.

Cords Wrapped in Plastic

If you want a corded feature, such as if you have vertical blinds, you will want to look at safety features. You can get child safe blinds in Puyallup with the cords wrapped in a plastic holder. This is usually kept out of reach of the children, offering an extra barrier to keep everyone safe. Because the plastic is durable and study, there’s little risk of the holder coming loose and the cords becoming accessible.

You still get full control of your blinds. The plastic holder will twist, making it easy for you to open and close the slats. These can also be used on venetian blinds, but aren’t as popular as with vertical blinds. The plastic holder also acts as a pulley in vertical blinds to pull them open and closed.

Opt for Motorized Blinds

Another option for Puyallup child safe blinds is to go with motorized options. These become completely cordless, but there’s no need to get up and use the blinds. You don’t need to lock the systems in place when the blinds are closed. These locking systems can become loose and the blinds can snap up, hurting someone who is close by.

The downside of motorized blinds for many is the cost. You’ll also need to opt for specific types of blinds and shades, which can limit your options to decoration your home.

Opt for Curtains or Shutters Instead

Instead of looking for child safe blinds in Puyallup, you could opt for other window treatments instead. Curtains are the most popular, since they are affordable and easy to use. You will need to watch out for the ties you use to keep open curtain back.

Shutters are an excellent option. There’s no need for ties or cords. You’ll likely have a locking system on the wall when the shutters are open, but that is out of reach of children.

There are plenty of ways to keep the children safe in the home. You’ve got a range of Puyallup child safe blinds, whatever style of blind you prefer.