How to Work Your Roman Shades in Graham into Any Décor

Graham roman shades are perfect additions to any home. They add beauty and elegance while bringing out the seasons and style effortlessly. When you look to add new shades to your home, you may be worried about matching current décor or bringing out certain elements. Here is a look at how to make your roman shades work with any décor in your home.

Match the Kitchen Countertops

When adding your roman shades in Graham to kitchen counters, consider matching the colors to those on your countertops or your cupboards. This is highly effective when it comes to kitchen cabinets and countertops that area bold color. You help to continue that color scheme through your shades, bringing attention to it in a good way.

You don’t want to add too much of the bold color to your home. Keep the walls a neutral color, so the cabinets/countertops and the blinds work together. Only choose either the countertop or the cabinets for the bold color, keeping the other neutral.

Work with the Throw Colors in the Living Room

Look at the colors of your throws and cushions in the living room. If you don’t use them, consider the color of your couch or your shelving units. Match the Graham roman shades colors to the colors you use in the details in your living room.

Like with the kitchen, keep the rest of the room neutral. If you don’t have any colors in your home or keep everything neutral, consider adding one wall in a bolder color. You can match the roman shades to this color. Try the wall opposite the window to bring out the style.

Match the Bedspread in the Bedroom

When it comes to working with roman shades in Graham bedrooms, look at the color of the bedspread. Match the shades as much as possible. This is a little harder in kids’ rooms or in rooms where you don’t have a specific color for the sheets and bedspread.

If you don’t have a uniform color for the bedspread, consider matching the roman shades to ornamental colors in the room. You can also pick a color within the detail of the wallpaper or within a detail on the bedspreads. Matching throws and blankets are also popular.

Work with Your Bathroom Suites

If you’ve decided to put Graham roman shades in the bathroom, you’ve got one option that you can match effortlessly and beautifully: the bathroom suite. Many bathroom suites are plain white, which will help to keep your color choices to a minimum.

Another option to consider is to match with the bath mats and even the toilet seat cover. You can bring a small element of color to an otherwise plain bathroom.

How will you make your roman shades in Graham work with the different styles of your rooms? Roman shades come in a variety of colors and styles, making them the easiest to work with any type of décor in each room of your home.